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Simple, fun, and single-touch high score game.
Submitted by Split Rock Games
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay: How enjoyable is it to play?#93.0003.000
Design of the game: How easy is it understand the gameplay?#123.2863.286
Creativity: How well does it use the theme?#162.2862.286

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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this was pretty fun to play through and had good replayability, despite its repetitiveness. it looked pretty sick aswell; great job with the graphics!

one issue i had was that the game doesnt really give you time to get your bearings; everything is just thrown at you from the get-go. it's generally a good idea to increase the difficulty of your game gradually rather than just ramping it up immediately. 

also a lot of attempts just ended with me dying within the first few moments; the hazards spawned on top of me and i had no chance to dodge them.

despite its flaws, i still enjoyed this game quite a lot. well done with this! :)


Just want to start off and say I love the concept, graphics, and excellent use of a vertical layout, but there is way too much on screen to dodge legitimately! 

I say legitimately, because I figured out you could leave the game viewport when playing on browser with a mouse, and effectively get invincibility at the side of the screen.

I think the joy in these types of games comes from emergent paths, and having a playing field that lets you pick your spots, and a challenge with this many enemies at random is they often generate inescapable situations!

For Improvements, I actually think the need to hold the mouse button down is kinda redundant. I'm just holding an extra button while I dodge as I would normally. Maybe this feels different on mobile, but on browser it just led to 3 deaths in the beginning. An indicator for where the player is would be nice too. having some kind of trail or particle effect of where the player has been might leave a nice visual on the screen as you go. 

Music would have been great too. If frantic dodging was the intended experience you could really amp it up with some upbeat music and jazz chords. 

Probably the most unique game I've seen this jam though, so well done!


Thank you so much for this amazing feedback!  Great things to improve on make the game even better!

As for sound I have set all sounds to zero on start, you can change that in the settings on the main menu, music and sound sliders.  I should have changed it back to 50% but when editing I was getting tired of the music :D

I am excited to get back to this game after the game jam!


I like endless games with randomness. This brings replay value. Are the graphics yours or borrowed? These were beautifully made. It may also be a little too difficult at the beginning. Maybe increase the difficulty level a little after a while. That gives more motivation. Otherwise well done.


Wow love it, great job! So nice that it can be enjoyed on mobile too.