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A topic by SpooKyCubed created Oct 10, 2017 Views: 136 Replies: 8
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I'm hyped to get started this weekend on working on this! This is the only interesting jam I know that takes place on the weekends (which is the only time I have since school) and I hope to get better at programming from this :D


I'm Glad your excited. I did set it to not this weekend but next, in hopes to get more people signed up, however it can be changed. Thoughts?

yea sorry I dunno why I wrote this weekend, I noticed it was next I just wrote it as this lol, it's all good


Okay, hopefully we get a decent amount of participants this time, also have you read the Videos section on the Jam page. If your interested in doing it and having your previous game in a video let me know.

I've been thinking of maybe doing it but I'll see


Alright it's up to you. what are you're thoughts on doing the videos like this? I'm not too sure about it, mainly because i doubt many people will do it, but I want a way to show off all the games made for each jam, and i don't really want to do the videos myself. My other Idea was if I chose an admin for this and they could do the videos the way I was going to do before, which is just play them all and talk about them. But the main problem there is finding someone to do it. Any Thoughts/Suggestions?

Dunno, that idea that you gave seems to sound good to me, but its up to you, mainly.


the original idea that's on the game jam page? Where everyone can make a video on their game if they want and send it to me? I think that would be best if enough people did it. We'll have to wait until more people join this jam, so I can see who's interested in doing it. Maybe i'll do a poll.

yea a poll sounds good