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yea a poll sounds good

Dunno, that idea that you gave seems to sound good to me, but its up to you, mainly.

I've been thinking of maybe doing it but I'll see

yea sorry I dunno why I wrote this weekend, I noticed it was next I just wrote it as this lol, it's all good

Survive the Game Jam 4 community · Created a new topic Hype

I'm hyped to get started this weekend on working on this! This is the only interesting jam I know that takes place on the weekends (which is the only time I have since school) and I hope to get better at programming from this :D

cool, I'll participate

where it at tho

No idea if I'm gonna be able to turn in my game. Gameplay is pretty meh and not much to do. I'll try to get everything done but I doubt I'll be turning in anything good if at all. I wish everyone else great luck with finishing up their stuff though!

Okay cool, good to know

Thanks, will do :D

So, if I have stuff that I worked on in another project can I use scripts from that in my entry for this, because I had an AI script setup and I don't want to redo it all over again

Alrighty lemme know when its done so I can see.

Ahhhh, I see. Yeah that would probably be better to do them both in the same vid to get more stuff in there. Anywho, im back from vacation so I'll be in the next jam hopefully!

yeah! I hope you can get everything you want in your games next time and you'll improve over time!

but wheres the vid for the first one and this one tho

         I think this entry is a great idea! I however think it should definitely been more expanded on, but I guess from reading your daily updates you were working as much as you could on it, and for the amount of time given you did a great job. But since I like nitpicking, (Not a personal thing to you or anything, just wanna give some good criticism) here we go.

1. Game was a little slow (In progression wise,) I think it would have been nice to have the group also run if you ran, and also maybe have some kind of stamina bar so that the player is limited in their sprinting, because I found myself always sprinting, and the only time I walked was to make it so that the group wasn't so far.

2. There was really no real (visual) indication that I was doing damage to enemies. There was audio for it, but there was no health bar, so at first I didn't even know if I was actually hitting him because he was taking a lot of hits for some reason.

3. Audio is a lil loud. I dunno if it was just my computer or whatever, but just a small problemo I had.

4. Movement is a little awkward. I would have liked to have WASD movement instead of mouse movement, but I'm sure people would like mouse movement as well, so i think you could maybe include both, but I don't know.

that was basically all I had problems with in my time playing. Don't take this as a "I hate your game and you as a person!" just as a "I hope you maybe improve on these things for your future games" Anyhow, good luck on your future games and I hope you enter in the next STGJ (Survive The Game Jam)!

Downloading the game right now, but it looks good from the screenshots and the thumbnail. I'll let you know what I think of it.

Good on you for making daily posts on your progress! I'm sure your game is gonna come out great!

Sadly, because of plans I had over this weekend, I will not be able to participate in this STGJ, but I will definitely check out everyones games and be rating them and will be looking forward to seeing what people come up with for this theme :D Good luck everyone!

hopefully more people will submit this time :D

oh, I for sure want to, idk if I can

idk if I'll be able to participate in this one since I have stuff to do over the weekend but I'll try

okay, it's all cool

have you uploaded/made anything on the YouTube channel yet?

I'll still check out your game dude!

okay I'll keep a lookout for it!

by the way, what's the YouTube channel?

thanks! I'll try to enter in the next one too and I'll see what I can come up with! This game jam was just the practice I needed for programming!

Just got my entry in just in time. Hopefully its good. It's basically my first game :D

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Gotcha, okay I've got an idea then, gonna get to work on it!

Question, does a survival game necessarily mean that you have to manage food and water and such? Or could it just be a "Try to stay alive" survival kind of thing?