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A jam submission

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Submitted by Mark Browning (@_mkbrowning) — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline

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Love the artstyle, hoping you continue and do something like Enviromental station alpha :D

As grn said the main problems I found are the speed of the player, and the boss does not telegraph the attack in anyway having to wait for the roll to be charged to dodge them.


Thanks. Didn't quite understand what you wrote about boss. It does not receive damage in front. Only in the back.


Yep my gripe is about it's standard attack there's almost no telegraph to make the player aware that is attacking(may it be a sound, animation or something else)

Maybe I just suck(still haven't beat it >.<) but I would have liked a bit more time to dodge the attack!


Oh now I got It. Well there is two ways you can dodge projectiles.

1. By using reactor (Z key) to escape close ones.

2. Wait before boss atacks and when it does move in any direction where projectiles will not reach you. After that you'll have some time to sneak behind his back and hit it.

Yes sometimes boss stays on place for a longer time than it should be. It has to do with the way he's programmed. He has two basic states of behavior: move & stand.  And these states are randomly applied via timer. So it can easily recieve stand > stand > stand command.

Wish you luck :)


I really enjoyed the art and music. The movement was just unbearably slow.

The best part of the experience is the obvious Metroid influence. The transitions from room to room were great, but sometimes the obstacles were placed too close to the edge and unless you stop upon entering every room, you're all but guaranteed to get hit.

I also couldn't actually figure out what the timer was for, or really most of the UI elements. Though with more time a screen at the beginning could have explained it all. 

Overall one of the better entries of the jam, I just feel that gameplay could have been sped up a little.


Thanks for feedback. I will replace text in the UI to icons to make it more clear. As for now I can give explanations on what the text means. 

O2 is you oxygen. It goes away and keeps you moving. Picking up O2 ballons and bubbles will refil it.

RE is Reactor. Gives you tmporary speed increase and is very usefull against final boss.

RC and MI are counters for Rockets and Mines.

There is an upgrade that increases your speed a little. Just above unbearable I hope. It's on a main path so you won't miss it.


Was it the thing that looked like scuba tanks? Ammo was also in very short supply, but I feel like that was a design choice that can be explained as "it was a research mission"


really fun but i'm bad at it lol :)

good work though! i'm jealous of your art skills