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This is happening! Some tools and tips..

A topic by yanneves created Mar 13, 2016 Views: 391 Replies: 3
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Really stoked for this. Game Jams can be quite daunting.. and draining - but this is a good theme that won't take itself too seriously. I'd certainly encourage all fans of any game making experience to take part.

First and foremost, I find new participants to game jams can be wildly overambitious! Remember, it's only a weekend .. don't aim for the quality and completeness of a game you've paid for and downloaded.

Otherwise, just wanted to keep a running list of recommendations for getting tooled up, inspired by mazhem's overview:




Great! I've linked this on the front page.


I moved it forward a week (because Rezzed is on the other weekend and I'm gonna be there)


I've updated the main page with some free music done specifically for Sipsjam! by