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Thanks a lot for the feedback, both! Movement does have some bugs, but it was built from scratch in the physics engine - would love to have tuned that more outside the time constraints. Definitely appreciated the creative freedom with the theme, glad you liked it.

Dicks literally in outer space, always wondered where all those ripped dicks go to - now I know they're just more space debris. Enjoyed using Sips' and Trott's faces to counter the onslaught, found this game particularly amusing.

Nearly got the last treasures but instead got jumpscared by some Henry clown. Clean aesthetics, 10/10 Gameboy port, would recommend.

Fairly steep learning curve, but very amusing lore once you get into it!

Going to be streaming throughout the weekend at

Really stoked for this. Game Jams can be quite daunting.. and draining - but this is a good theme that won't take itself too seriously. I'd certainly encourage all fans of any game making experience to take part.

First and foremost, I find new participants to game jams can be wildly overambitious! Remember, it's only a weekend .. don't aim for the quality and completeness of a game you've paid for and downloaded.

Otherwise, just wanted to keep a running list of recommendations for getting tooled up, inspired by mazhem's overview: