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Can non-Programmers jam here?

A topic by radiatedskull created Nov 18, 2020 Views: 485 Replies: 5
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First, this is a great idea--love this jam! 

Second, I am not a programmer. I am on Itch because I have designed a new TTRPG system (it's a downloadable PDF). Thing is, I could totally design and run an adventure/game session based around this jam, using the system I designed. Would I be able to join this jam with the intent of running a game with whoever I am teamed up with? 

I could also convert this adventure/game session into a novel. The novelized adventure could then be shared with everyone on Itch (or at least everyone who may be interested). Please let me know if you guys are cool with this, or if I am overreaching on the jam here. I will wait for your feedback before signing up. Thanks!



The idea of the jam is to design a game based on someone's letter. They might ask for a puzzle game or an action game. The problem is that if you were to participate and use your TTRPG system, you already have decided a lot about the game before reading the letter. Mainly that it's going to be an RPG story. Your giftee might have no interested at all in playing RPGs.

So no, I don't think it's a good idea for you to join.

Thank you for asking first.

More generally -- are physical (board, pen-and-paper RPG, etc.) games OK?  Or is this a jam just for video games?


For the same reasons as I stated before, we prefer you are at least able to make a video game. If you join and your giftee is cool with it, you could make a board game, but you have to be able to make a video game for if that's not the case.


I would guess video games but if you can ask your giftee!

Thank you for answering, Sheep! I'll keep an eye out for other jams that are more inline with what I got.

Please send a post-jam comment or two and let us know how this all turned out. It'd be great to see what people got from their secret santas.