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Sheila and the 7 gates to HellView game page

weird FPP psychological horror experience
Submitted by hankworx — 1 minute, 34 seconds before the deadline
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BEST GAME (Host's Choice)#1n/an/a
SCARIEST GAME#13.6673.667
BEST GAME (General)#23.7783.778
BEST THEME (Best Use of Theme)#112.6672.667

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Judge feedback

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  • This was a memorable hellride! The 'two young people explore haunted place' trope was really subverted here. I like the idea that the surreal hell the characters were trapped within played on the tensions or fears (?) in their own relationship. The cinema idea was particularly bizarre and reinforced well by having the player wander back and forth - repetition truly is the fundament of madness! The grainy, pixellated graphics aided the vibe, although it did slightly make some of the models and characters indistinct (but maybe that was the point). I really hope you continue to work on this as there's a lot of potential to build on the mythos and bizarre world you've set up in this game. 

    Congrats on submitting a bizarre hell journey simulator to SCREAMWORLD, enjoyed it a bunch! 

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Amazing game! Better than some of the things I've paid for on STEAM actually, you got talent! Its twisted, the writing is fantastic, and its just blurry enough to be enjoyable, and still make me uncomfortable. I'll definitely be following this game through development, hell, I'd pay for this game! Just picked it up, and sent you 10 bucks,  I think a game like this is worth more but I'm running low on cash atm, sorry bud, I hope it helps to advance the game to its next stage.

Also, its relevant to me, because in a wooded area near me in PA, there's this exact urban legend, I've found the gates, but supposedly no one has made it through the last one alive and lived to tell about it, there's tales of hell-hounds at gate 5 and a hooded figure similar to death at gate 6, still trying to get a group of people to go with me to do a documentary.


Unfortunately I can't for the life of me get this game to work. Once you're at the elevator, you walk into it, it begins to rise, ending up hovering high over the level, and the door opens. If you jump out, you fall...back into the space where you entered the elevator. Am I missing something, or is this a bug? 


After the elevator goes up, there is a trigger near the entrance that activates a different part of the level.

Host (1 edit)

Ahh...I get it now! Cheers for the clarification.


Sorry for the confusion. I did originally have a different transition there with a clearer destination, but I somehow deleted it in the late hours of the jam. The elevator segment was a quick replacement where I neglected to inform the player appropriately.  


That's completely okay! I think you'll perfectly iron out the kinks with a post-jam version; excited to see where you take some of the ideas and environments in this surreal hellish world you've created. Hopefully you'll stick with it!  


Really interesting entry and i love the aesthetic !


I loved this. The style was super immersive and it straight up just felt like a bad nightmare.

Haven't played all the way through but trippy shit man! I like!


Great game! I mean, you can't really go wrong with pixelated graphics because then, everything looks creepy. And the story was really interesting, I really liked the cinema part.