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You have until Dawn. Make sure the campers never return.
Submitted by Bunnyviking, JimU, Gerald Clark โ€” 9 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound Design#732.7393.000
Enjoyment (Best Game)#892.3732.600

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This isn't the sort of game I would usually play, but I really want to try as many entries as I possibly can so I can experience everyone's hard work :3 

I was quite confused at first cos I'm not used to playing stuff with mechanics like this and couldn't figure out why nothing was happening when I was hitting the keys it mentions on the page, but I figured out I could use the arrow keys and stuff to move in the end :D ...I sucked at it, badly xD But I think it's a pretty cool idea! Oh, and that music was hella funky, haha, good for building tension as the timer ticks down + grooving too :P


The core idea for this is really novel, and you've done a great job at creating a very claustrophobic and rushed atmosphere. The sound design is good, and although the visuals are a bit mismatched they work well for the game. I'm very impressed with how clean it feels to play, although a better tutorial would definitely help as it was a little difficult to grasp what was happening at times. Overall a fantastic submission, and I hope you finish it off!


Very novel idea! and also a very pretty and well polished game. Think a tutorial it could definitely improve it as it feels a little unintuitive at times. but good overall


Yeah as the main game designer I really failed to have a satisfying core mechanic. All the elements I wanted exist, but they don't mesh amazingly. If you play it a bunch you can get a pretty good score by grouping up the campers with your various abilities and multi-killing them but the game doesn't make that super fun, and doesn't really showcase how.

You're absolutely right a tutorial would cover that.


I think your being a bit harsh. It's not that I don't think think it was a fun game mechanic, I just think in the short timescale it's not perfect, which I to be expected in a game made in a week :) it's definitely something you should explore more though as I did enjoy the approach of it all, and even though there is technically only a couple of actions the player can do, this manifests into a more complex game play system than you would first expect. Honestly great effort though, it is actually one of the games I played the longest!