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One man's world is plagarized

A topic by TheGoldenMinion Studios created 53 days ago Views: 78 Replies: 9
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Check the comments of the rating page.

Also, it shows it was published 19 days ago, so if he had made it, it wouldn't fit the rules of the jam.


Thats not even my entry.

Deleted post

Either way, that is still plagiarism, since a) you didn't credit Hobson-TV anywhere (your project wasn't even a remix!) and b) it is still his game which was created over a YEAR BEFORE THE JAM!


It's not even the entry xD


That doesn't matter, you still stole someone else's work and claimed it was your own. That's plagiarism, and that's wrong to do.


Remember: Scratch automatically gives credit on remixes. Seriously, guys?


Yes, that's why he didn't remix it. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. He went back and have Hobson-TV credit, but there's no way in hell he got permission to post it anyways.


Ohh... still off-topic to this Scratch Jam.




it was an entry, until you took it off