Submissions open from 2019-08-22 23:00:00 to 2019-08-24 23:00:00
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Note this jam is not held by the official scratch team.

Jam Concept

Remember scratch? It's an online game development engine intended for introducing people to coding.

Well, it still exists! For this jam you must create the best possible game you can within scratch.  The challenge will come from seeing what can be achieved in such a primitive engine, how far can you push it? Can you create a good game within such confines? 

It's a very very simple engine, primarily intended for children, so you should be able to jump right in!


  1. The game should be created within the time limit. This includes assets and code. Logos are an exception. 
  2. Asset's should be created within the time limit (sound and visuals). However, you can use the assets provided in scratch. Logo's/brand marks are also an exception. 
  3. Adult Themes and content are NOT allowed, given that scratch is primarily to teach kids about coding, that wouldn't be appropriate. 
  4. Teams are allowed.
  5. The only engine you can use is scratch. It's usable in web browser and you can get started instantly! You may need an account to publish the game however, though this can be done at any time and isn't difficult. 

Ask me in the community tab if you have any questions, I'll get back to you and update this section with anything I missed.


Concept - How strong is the idea behind the game?

Execution - How well was the idea pulled off?

Polish - Does the game feel polished or does it feel like it could do with some extra flair?  In an action game this might be explosions and screen shake. In horror this might be elements like mist over the screen. Ultimately this is about  weather the game has a strong sense of feeling to it.

All areas for judging are voted on openly so remember to vote on some entries when the time comes!


No theme.


When in scratch, if you go "file -> save to your computer", you can download the project file. This can then be uploaded for others to take an load up in scratch.