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I couldn't submit my game prototype because says no apparently.

A topic by TommyAck102 created Jan 04, 2019 Views: 26 Replies: 3
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Hey guys, I was hoping to share my proof of concept of my game that I made for the Save the Environment jam but everytime I tried to submit it, there wan't an option for it anywhere on the page, even after I go through the submit option and create a new page for the prototype, with no visible reason as to why I can't submit my project to the jam. TBF it is unfinished and it was pretty close trying to submit it a good 40 mins before  the deadline but after trying for half an hour with no luck is kinda disheartening, I'm going to  share the project link in this comment, regardless of it being included in the final vote as I'd rather not have the time/effort go to waste. :

Thanks for running the jam anyway, got me to scratch that developer itch I've been having for a while and I look forward to the next one!

Tom A.

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If you want I think I can add it to the jam anyway? Once you get the page working


Hey sorry for the delay (didn't get any outside notification for this reply.)  Don't sweat it, I'm going to be working on this idea anyway since I think the idea is cool. Hope you're doing well and I'll see if I can swing by any other game jams you may start! :)


Hope it all goes well :)