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Welcome to #RPGenesis 2019 (The English Version) Sticky

A topic by Lady Entropy created Jul 07, 2019 Views: 1,388 Replies: 3
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Greetings, RPGeniuses!

#RPGenesis is a tabletop RPG design community challenge, aiming to write a tabletop RPG with a minimum of 5000 words, in seven days of August 2019. This jam happens in the same spirit of previous years, and of other challenges like the NaNoWriMo and NaGaDeMon: with the purpose of sharing creative energy and motivation between the participants, as well to bring out the spirit of "learn by doing".

Therefore, the best approach to this is to imagine, speculate, write and organize your game without second-guessing yourself, in order to submit the project on time. Are you ready to take the challenge?


  • Write a tabletop RPG or story game with at least 5000 words;
    • Your game must be fully playable from your final text
    • Instead of a completely original game, you may choose to do a "hack" (a variation or version) of an existing game or ruleset;
  • Writing the final text has a deadline of seven days: from 4th to 10th August (from and to midnight in your timezone);
    • Our intention is that the bulk of the preparation, research and reflection happens ahead of the event. However, the final version of the text is to be written during these seven days exclusively, and it should not reuse any previously written text.
  • All formats and themes are allowed, provided they can be submitted on this platform, and that they are not based on content that promotes discrimination, intolerance or any type of violence or abuse against others.
  • During the event, you may choose to also create other game material such as character sheets, maps or illustrations.
  • The submission of your game will be done through, as it will offer us a gallery of everyone’s creations as well as a small forum for the participants to mingle.
  • Let yourself be guided by sheer fun and uncompromising desire to create: no pressure, no frustration, and with breaks to take a breath and enjoy the company of those around us.
  • If you can, feel free to share your effort, enthusiasm, thoughts and difficulties in social media, and other platforms, such as online communities of tabletop RPGs and story games.

Click on "Join Jam" and join the #RPGenesis Community here on! On Twitter, if you want to promote  your participation in this community event use the hashtag  #RPGenesis (yes, no accent). Invite your friends to join us!

This challenge is being organized by:

Ana Silva ( )

André Tavares (@scumbagdm / )

João Mariano (@jrnmariano / )

Ricardo Tavares (@jogadorsonhador / )

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The RPGenesis Survival Guide for English Speakers:

While it might be a little overwhelming to be part of a community event where most people will be speaking in a very foreign language, let me reassure you that generally you will have zero problem communicating in English here. Tabletop Role-playing games are never translated in English in Portugal, so all of us have become considerably fluent in the language just from engaging in our favourite hobby.

Don't feel pushed away from interacting in topics or asking for help  (all the organizers speak English, as do most of our participants). We have always wanted to open this little event beyond our borders.

And before you ask, no, you do not have to write this in Portuguese. You may obviously write in whatever language you prefer (we would recommend a language other people could read, as we definitely would like to read your game (still, an RPG completely written in Pig Latin would have its merits).

Finally, I will use this thread to post up translations of any important announcements or topics (and link back to the original). That way, you can read here what is going on, and then go to the thread to participate.

Jam HostSubmitted

FAQ translated to English HERE

Jam HostSubmitted

We have been moving the development threads to this subforum so they are more easily found: