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Stop alien brain parasites disguised as yummy food
Submitted by LuBu (@LuBu_1988) — 13 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Hehe, such a simple yet fun arcade game, got to 96 points! I know it's not much but at least some invaders got eradicated! >:)

PS: Loved the lase scan effect on the invaders!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks Blodyavenger!

I was so happy what the scanner worked, because i didn't even know how to clip sprites on Pico-8 :D


Exceptional! It reminds me of the fun I had with a game-and-watch game when I was young -- I think it was just called "egg?".

There's a nifty way the difficulty ramps up with making sure you don't bump the good food, and being able to move the scanner in addition to the zapper is a nifty way to both empower the player and make navigation just a hair more skilled.

I'm also impressed with the scanner effect that you made! I might have to figure out how you did that using Pico-8.


Glad you enjoy the Game :)

I had some additional ideas for the mechanics, but didn't had enough time to implement them. But im really happy that you enjoy the mechanics as they are . I think you would like one of the secret modes even more ;)

The scanner was made through clipping. Before the project i didn't even know that you can do that on Pico-8 :D