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What a wonderful arcade game! Too bad I haven't found it sooner so I could play throughout the holidays :)

That's a bonus, I didn't want to come out too demanding ;)

These would be all great and if possible, I would like to see a simple highscore system or at least a sample code for storing the highest score.

Yeah, it's one of those games where it takes some time to build up the skill :) It's inspired by the Moon Lander which had similar mechanics.

Thanks for playing!!

Such a simple yet fun concept! I really enjoyed it <3

Really nice concept! Really loved the space-fight aspect and planets were represented in a nice style.

Good job, too bad you couldn't finish it!

Yes, you are right, that's the negative side to scoring.

I have participated in few jams in the past and I must say this one was one of the best or at least the most special one for me!


  • Premade assets & 2 weeks of holiday time was perfect! Some of us have a limited time and having assets ready with that jam duration it allows us to participate. And what a better time than through the holidays.
  • Usually jams are not that limited but having Pico-8 as an only options was a great choice in my opinion because entries and the whole jam have a coherent theme & feel.
  • Mystery of the jam is one of the things I loved the most! I wasn't expecting new assets after solving one so I was positively surprised. In the future I would love to see more layers added to the mystery and with it more secret assets.
  • Big plus for constant feedback from your side and for being active on Twitter & Forums! It feels great to see Jam host being active :)


  • The only thing that could be improved is the jam/rules page. Overall there was just too much text and after reading it some things still weren't 100% sure. Maybe more visual examples would be good (eg. what kind of sprite changes are allowed etc.). Less text and more visual presentation?

Overall, ToyBoxJam Jam made my holidays even more special because it touched the kid in me with the whole Mystery & Toys (available assets, Pico-8 tool) things.
Really good job on your first Jam as a host! Looking forward to the future ToyBoxJams ;)

Really enjoyed this puzzle game, good idea!

It would be a nice extension to save "moves done" that would represent score. Less moves to finish the game, higher on the leaderboards. Just a thought :)

Nice platformer!! I wish some encounters like boss could be a bit harder since I could spam-shoot it without exposing myself.

But overall, nice levels and gameplay! And I really liked how the level theme changes after the boss :)

Really awesome platformer!! Maybe I should concentrate on better time rather than Myrrh...

Quite an interesting idea, I like it :)

Yes, landing is the whole gist of the game :)
It takes some time to level that skill but 4 aliens is quite good. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I wanted to make more details like that but I run out of time :)

I like the Flappy Bird - "Toy Box Jam" edition featuring the secret Boffin :)
My max score is 42!

Right, that makes sense, thanks for the explanation! :)
I hope you will continue working on it after the jam because concept is just wonderful.

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Here's my progress so far :)

With my limited time I can only put X time into each game but so far so good, excellent game with great puzzles!

I really like the idea behind the game but I just couldn't figure it out why are monsters leaving me even though I was spam-feeding them. Is there an indicator?

Anyhow, I like the puzzle game idea, well done!

Gameplay itself is so much fun! It's fast & smooth, starting over isn't boring and that means a lot!
Big plus for cool enemy toys ;)

Record so far: 110

That's one crazy game!

Silliest, Nuttiest Game - 5/5 👍

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Does other web games work for you?
I have re-uploaded it now, let me know if it's fixed please.

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I was a little confused with the uploading process so I just want to make sure if everything is ok:

You can unzip .page file and you will find .jpg file inside -> That's for us Windows users :) 

Thanks, let's do this! Assets are wonderful and hopefully I will be able to solve the mystery (which is a big plus!!)

That's great, thank you for sharing all the resources! I have bought PICO-8 long time ago but haven't done anything with it yet so I'll use Toy Box Jam as an excuse to learn it.

Hey, bills were payed! 

You have a really nice looking game there with smooth gameplay, story and feel.


- Walking downard the wall

- Would love to see more variety in a sense of secrets (jumping inside the log or entering hidden niche on the side of the cave pit
- Add more details like flower animations, falling leaves over screen, slight smoke when you jump / land. Stuff like this will bring out even more from the game.


Hopefully you will keep working on the game because I believe you have something great there! 

Once again, good job!

Love the short game! At first I was like - does it really have multiplayer?? I did some reading and found out it's just a single player.... and after that, somebody joined the server. Creepy!

Really, nice experience!

Deep message right there! Love the sounds, especially the one from the sun, that is the scariest one ^_^

Good job on the entry! 👍

Hey, I finally found some time to give this game a go! :)

First of all, really nice game and big plus points for featuring rabbit and carrots! <3

It has some nice polishing touches but the only thing I was missing was to skip to the next wave quickly. Playing it for the 1st time is ok but trying it over and over takes time to go over starting waves fast.

Good job! Can we expect updates?