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Love the whole Tiny, Tiny collection! Do you take commissions? Because it would be really nice nice to have a Chicken in that style as well :)

This looks dope! However, I can't see the download button. Am I missing something? 

This is awesome, thanks for sharing the demo! Is there a way to change movement keys from WASD to arrow keys?

Thanks for the Patch, it works like a charm now and I've finished the game! Really wonderful experience and the ending was perfect. I love Star Trek references in there :)

Really excellent entry (story, visuals, ambient...) but I got stuck in the Auxiliary room right after entering it. For some reason, I couldn't click on anything or move, I could just navigate through my inventory.

Thank you for using my assets! I played the game and had a blast, I love how you marked dangerous buildings with red. Thank you for sharing this!

Thank you for your purchase! It says in the description that you only receive 2 sprite-sheets and in what format. You can use them in multiple ways, depending on what you are working with and you can always slice them up and turn them into SVGs yourself if you need that.

Perfect, thank you :)

Would it be possible to add an option to fade gameplay area into black instead to monitor frame? If not, could you point me in right direction where to do that? Thank you!

Awesome entry, good job!

Thanks Mattias, I'm definitely trying to get those vibes! :)

Hey Paul, thanks a lot! It is indeed inspired by Keen & Crystal Caves / Secret Agent titles ;)

As for the SFX, I've used small bits from various dos games SFX and made my own out of them. I'm still trying to find out how to generate perfect PC-Speaker like sound effects from nothing - let me know if you find out.

Yeah, I'm having lots of fun with it and hopefully I can make a full small game out of it :)

Working with dos-like framework on Cannon Man was so fun I made a full level demo :) 

That's quite cool! 🙂

Cannon Man in action!

Thank you! Yeah, hopefully we can soon see some work from the others as well 🙂

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Here is a little something I started working on, project name "Cannon Man".
Really happy with the framework so far 👍

dos-like community · Created a new topic WIP Showcase
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If you are working on something using DOS-LIKE framework, feel free to post your work in progress screenshots here.

Yep, it's definitely one of the inspirations ;)

Woah, that's super cool, good job and thank you for sharing!! <3

Thank you, glad you like it! Let me know if you create something and feel free to post gifs/screenshots :)

This is so good, definitely one of the best platformers I played PICO-8. Gameplay, visual design & music are just perfect.

I'm not sure about MacOS but on Windows, you can toggle windowed mode with ALT+Enter. If there is a similar command on MacOS, try that first. Other than that, I'm afraid there is no alternative option. It's a short jam game so it doesn't have any settings implemented.

There are always some here and there but nothing planned ahead. Follow this to stay updated!

I didn't see tips on your page on how to play it. It is such a nice puzzle game, I love how you transform into objects that do different things. Good job!

Thanks! ^_^

Nice! I was a bit confused at the start because I couldn't move the green blocks before I pressed the PLAY button. Cool & simple idea for a 3 hour jam, I liked it.

Would be nice to start the level by pressing space which would make it more comfortable to start instead of rushing mouse from PLAY to game every time.

What a twist, wasn't expecting that! 😅

Thank you! It definitely needs more balancing, I agree :)

I haven't noticed that bug before :O Thanks for the report, I'll most likely do another version after the jam and fix stuff like that together with balancing.

You have scored 2011 points which makes you #1, good job! ;)

Online leaderboard is implemented but it doesn't show score, I run out of time and already crossed the 3 hour mark just because of that. But I'm updating the game page daily with top scores so you're the 1st one now.

But yeah, it's pretty difficult and I run out of time for balancing. However, I wanted to make short sessions so I ramped up difficulty from the very start.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :)

So, 48 points for removing the notifications from the nightmare!

And like JafCraze suggested, message variation would be welcome. However, this game reminds me of an error you sometimes get in some software - same message, same error until you restart your PC :D

So, 48 points for removing the notifications from the nightmare!

And like JafCraze suggested, message variation would be welcome. However, this game reminds me of an error you sometimes get in some software - same message, same error until you restart your PC :D

38 points!

Really cool idea to balance which crates to pick - speed vs score gain! I was missing some extra challenge to make crate pushing more fun (eg. damaging obstacles etc.) but overall, solid entry, good job!

Is there a way to get this on WebGL or PC build?

One of my favorites in this jam! Such a simple idea with unlimited game combinations & it's multiplayer! Sometimes it's really hard to predict (maybe smaller scale would work better) but hey, it's 3 hours and it's awesome, good job!

It reminds me of old arcade games with simple yet addictive gameplay. Really cool entry, well done!

Level 8 - Score 221!

Thank you Janis, really glad you like it and I appreciate the feedback! Yeah, balancing is terrible, When I was 2 hours in, I realized I haven't put too much attention to the balancing in the planning phase.