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There are always some here and there but nothing planned ahead. Follow this to stay updated!

I didn't see tips on your page on how to play it. It is such a nice puzzle game, I love how you transform into objects that do different things. Good job!

Thanks! ^_^

Nice! I was a bit confused at the start because I couldn't move the green blocks before I pressed the PLAY button. Cool & simple idea for a 3 hour jam, I liked it.

Would be nice to start the level by pressing space which would make it more comfortable to start instead of rushing mouse from PLAY to game every time.

What a twist, wasn't expecting that! 😅

Thank you! It definitely needs more balancing, I agree :)

I haven't noticed that bug before :O Thanks for the report, I'll most likely do another version after the jam and fix stuff like that together with balancing.

You have scored 2011 points which makes you #1, good job! ;)

Online leaderboard is implemented but it doesn't show score, I run out of time and already crossed the 3 hour mark just because of that. But I'm updating the game page daily with top scores so you're the 1st one now.

But yeah, it's pretty difficult and I run out of time for balancing. However, I wanted to make short sessions so I ramped up difficulty from the very start.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :)

So, 48 points for removing the notifications from the nightmare!

And like JafCraze suggested, message variation would be welcome. However, this game reminds me of an error you sometimes get in some software - same message, same error until you restart your PC :D

So, 48 points for removing the notifications from the nightmare!

And like JafCraze suggested, message variation would be welcome. However, this game reminds me of an error you sometimes get in some software - same message, same error until you restart your PC :D

38 points!

Really cool idea to balance which crates to pick - speed vs score gain! I was missing some extra challenge to make crate pushing more fun (eg. damaging obstacles etc.) but overall, solid entry, good job!

Is there a way to get this on WebGL or PC build?

Yeah, I had some issue with the names and balancing in general, I planned badly that part for sure. Thank you though, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

One of my favorites in this jam! Such a simple idea with unlimited game combinations & it's multiplayer! Sometimes it's really hard to predict (maybe smaller scale would work better) but hey, it's 3 hours and it's awesome, good job!

It reminds me of old arcade games with simple yet addictive gameplay. Really cool entry, well done!

Level 8 - Score 221!

Thank you Janis, really glad you like it and I appreciate the feedback! Yeah, balancing is terrible, When I was 2 hours in, I realized I haven't put too much attention to the balancing in the planning phase.

Scored 720 points! Was too daring and tried to remove the weed just before the tile collapsed :)
Nice and solid entry!

Hi, thank you! :)

You are free to use it for multiple commercial or free projects that YOU are working on.

Redistribution of the asset is forbidden in any way (eg. you can't give it to a friend, share it with some community etc., recolor the sprites and sell it as a new asset etc.).

If there are any other specifics you are interested in please let me know.

Yes, you can use them for open source projects but they can be only used inside the project and project variations.

So cool "block breaking" spin-off! Like the whole Kraken theme and visuals, really good job!

It would be pretty cool to have online leaderboards :)

Really lovely game!! It has such a positive vibe :)
The only thing that bothered me a bit are the controls - when you are moving, allow player to hold the next direction key and move player in that direction as soon as character reaches the end point. I'm sure this would make it feel even better!

Good job on the entry!

So good to see the page of The Life of Mr. Pips alive, it is so cute!!! Can't wait for the game to come out ♥️

Also, FIRST ;)

Amazing level design, good feel and weapon choice - GREAT SHOOTER! 

The only complaint at this point are controls, sometimes the movement is not that smooth / camera movement is blocky. But I'm sure you'll sort this out over time.

Good job, can't wait to see more!

Yeah, I know it's a bit more tricky when it comes to DRM-Free version & without any Tools available. Anyhow, still fun!

I got the game with the bundle and really enjoyed it! Manouvering cells around is fun and the puzzle aspect have some depth that made you think fast.

Would be really nice to have online highscores for it :)

Thank you! :) Yeah, lots of players complained about the difficulty but yeah, it gets better after a "while" :)

So happy to hear this, thank you! I'm happy that I could take you back to the past for a moment - that was the main motivation behind the game :)

I'm really happy to hear that because getting as close as possible to the old DOS platformers was my main goall! Thank you <3

Hehe, such a simple yet fun arcade game, got to 96 points! I know it's not much but at least some invaders got eradicated! >:)

PS: Loved the lase scan effect on the invaders!

Thank you, my goal is achieved then :)

Cute!! I really love how you go out hunting for food while trying to hide from the foxie, great idea!

What a nice tribute to Monument of Mars, enjoyed it!

I left the comment on the game's page but overall, I REALLY enjoyed it and it made my day, well done! :)

Haha, what a postive vibe! Love the music and the game theme, searching for the books while fighting off imaginary characters with your Ukulele! This entry really made my day :)

Thank you for playing! Pressing 'RETURN' after dying (when highscores are shown) should restart the game. Alternatively, you can press ESCAPE and select Restart. If those two options are not working then it must be a bug.

Cool concept of spaceship switching & reflecting bullets into enemies in order to gain charge!

That was amazing - you replicated MK characters so well! Also, good job on merging the fighting and cards game, it feels nice playing that :)

Thank you, I'm happy to hear you appreciate the EGA graphics :)

Hehe, cool story & the idea! Put prince to sleep 19 times :)

It's very good for the 1st entry, keep creating!