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Wow! This game is so cute and perfect! Thank you for making this gem :)

Ok... Wow! Such a great presentation. Sound, Animation and Gameplay are amazingly well executed 

I'm really impressed by the mechanics and level-design! Amazing Jam Entry! 

Thank you so much <3

Haha, i'm sorry :D The "bug" will be fixed in the upcoming update ^^

But i really like the journey you lived through. Makes me see my game in a different perspective :)

Spread the joy :)

Thanks :)

Aaaawww, Yes! <3

Hey! Thanks for playing the game and putting it on Youtube :)

Everytime a bunny eats a carrot, an additional bunny appears somewhere. So it leads to more and more bunnies in the garden.

Trying to make the game jucy :D

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback :)

Actually you get more likes the more bunnys you snap in one pic. Also if the bunnys do things like eating, jumping,... it gives you more likes. 

For the nex version i want to make this more transparent, so players will always know how many like a picture got them.

The idea with the rare bunnys is good, i have something similar in mind for the new gamemode. I'll hope you'll like it :)

About downloadable pictures: That would be a very hard thing to do on the Pico-8 Console that i use for this game. But maybe i can make an actual photomode, were time freezes and the UI disappears, so people can make a screenshot on their phone or computer :)


Thanks for the feedback :)

I never thought that people would play that long :D But I'm currently working on a little update to fix that bug and make the game a bit more interesting for people who want to play it longer then 2 minutes :D

Thank you :)

This was a beautiful break. Thank you :)

Thank you :)

You are right! Before I started with the project, I looked up reference images of bunnys in the same pixel grid size. There must have been some of Terrarias bunnys between the images. I didn't realize i made them that similar. But i haven't copy/pasted anything. Thanks for letting me know. Next time I double check that I don't recreate some existing design by accident :)

That's definitely a 11/10 comment :)

Thank you! I got some ideas ;)

Thank you for playing Sleepy 96 :)

Ohhh nooo! I'm so sorry :(

But thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway :)

Thanks for playing so much the game crashed :D

...I should really fix those bugs....

We both can't stop looking at bunnys :)

Thank youuuu :)

Thanks for finding that bug. I never expected for people to play for that long :D

Thats music to my ears :) 

Or how we say in german "Das geht runter wie Öl."

Thank you!

Thank you for playing it :3

Aaawww :) Thank you StarSquash!

Noooooooo ^^ They turn into likes and teleport behind a random bush :D

No bunnys are getting harmed :)

It's just a tiny non-commercial micro-game i made last week, but i would like to contribute:

Dragons Playground is a lot of fun to play. Really great art and sound! Congrats :)

Really cool idea! and i like the 1-Bit-Artstyle a lot :)

Glad you enjoy the Game :)

I had some additional ideas for the mechanics, but didn't had enough time to implement them. But im really happy that you enjoy the mechanics as they are . I think you would like one of the secret modes even more ;)

The scanner was made through clipping. Before the project i didn't even know that you can do that on Pico-8 :D

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Thanks Blodyavenger!

I was so happy what the scanner worked, because i didn't even know how to clip sprites on Pico-8 :D

Thanks Saullum :)

Glad you like it!

Can'....stop... selling.... lemonnnnsss....

Power Trader is really cool jam entry :) It causes this "just one more week"-feeling and i can't stop playing it :D

I'm really stunned by what you accomplished in that short amount of time! The atmosphere is great and the pico-8 palette looks amazing :)

And i love the quirky aliens :D

I got "Yummy Imposters" - So it's about food... Or it's not about food. That's the question :D

Die Story ist leider sehr infantil und für mich null lustig. Hätte mir gewünscht du hättest ne spannende, kleine Geschichte erzählst. Mit dem RPG Maker scheinst du ja umgehen zu können. 

Ich liebe die sphärischen "Hui"s beim Abschuss... Ich bekomme einfach nicht genug davon :D