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Hey Matt, you are probably super busy, but I wanted to ask if you can give us an updated estimate on when you'll be able to release the first draft.

I'm currently struggling a lot with optimizations and can't wait to get my hands on your knowledge :D 

I absolutely agree. Thank you! :D

Hey Nikolay, we have a Windows Version now :)

Yeah! We'll release a Post-Jam version with an Windows Build :)

I'm writing those down :D 

Thanks for the kind feedback :)

(And sorry about the bugs)

Incredible what you achieved in such a short time! The game looks and feels really authentic :)

Amazing job!

Hi! Thanks for playing!

I totally agree: A tutorial and some visual feedback would have been really nice to understand the game besser. And there are still some bugs and missing features like sound/music. I was running out of time unfortunately and had to release the game.

But I'm glad that you like it :) 

Thank you for playing and commenting <3 

I really enjoyed playing Pixl Patches! A very cute and touching game :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Actually they change colors just before they move. It's very short, but in the post jam versions it's gonna be a bit more obvious.

Thanks for the comment :)

We currently  work on a stable WebGL build with fixed controls and other little improvements. We'll release it right after the voting phase :) 

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

Thanks :) If you have a controller, thats definately the best way to play it. Otherwise, we are working on a post-jam-version with improoved mouse controls :)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. We are really sorry for the messed up mouse-controls. The Windows-Build should work fine with a controller, but we couldn't test it on Linux of course :D 

We are currently working on a fixed version, we would release after the voting phase. Maybe you want to give it another shot then :)

Was able to get snacks and pet the dog: 10/10 GOTY 2021

The camera was a bit too close for my taste and the game was lacking some feedback after you connect the crystals, but overall it's really cute and quite fun :)

First: Great name! :)

Second: I had more fun with this then I thought. In the beginning it was hard to see which planets in the distance are smaller, but after a while it got easier, while my sun got bigger. And it got really addictive when you hear the sound of the planets entering your orbit more often. Really cool! The mouse was a bit too sensitive and more planet variants would have been cool. But overall a cool, little game :)

We're really sorry about the mouse issue. The game was developed for controller and we added the mouse Input last minute. Unfortunately it would have needed some more time to work properly. But I'm glad you like the rest of the game. Hopefully we have a post jam version ready after the Voting phase, you can play again and enjoy :)

Thanks for the feedback! Maybe thats something we could implement in a post jam version :)

Thank you :)

Thank you! Maybe we can put in some time after the voting phase and rework the mouse aiming (plus some bug that are still in :D )

Thanks for the kind words :)

The game works way better with a controller ;)

Thanks for the great feedback :)

Yeah, I agree, we had some ideas to make that a bit more intuitive, but couldn't get them in in time.

I'm really glad you liked it :)

Thank you so much :)

Agree, it's better played with a controller. But glad you liked it anyway :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Really juicy game :) Maybe a bit toooo much screen-shake, but I liked it a lot :)

The game is pretty hard, but fun. Not sure if it fits the theme of the jam, but pretty nice game overall  :)

Nice shooter with a twist. Hard to play alone, but might be really fun to play together :)

Cool Game Concept! It could use some tweaks for the controls, but overall this is a very nice game :)

Interesting mechanic, but super hard to get into at first. The music is pretty nice :)

The idea is really cool, but it's very hard and a bit too fast for my taste :D I guess I need to practice a bit more

The story is really cute :) 

During a pandemic and "meeting" my friends only online, this game resonated with me.

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed the presentation of our game :)

Agree, we did the tutorial last minute. Should have planned more time for that :) Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! The controls work best on Windows with a controller :)