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hello and good tidings

A topic by Tartle Games created Oct 07, 2017 Views: 209 Replies: 1
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I thought of hosting this jam during a moment when I was pretty frustrated with game development.

If you've made small games for jams before, you probably know that they don't get much play. Most of the world doesn't even know what a "jam game" is. But what I've found is the creative process of making a game is therapeutic. Even when you're debugging a scene over and over and over, the experience of building a game makes it seem larger in your eyes than it will be to others' eyes.  That is probably true of any creative pursuit. Unlike other creative outlets, however, games don't get taken very seriously. I know they're meant to be fun, but the process of making them isn't always just about fun. And other creative outlets are more apt to address serious, personal subjects. I haven't seen that much with jam games, and so I thought of creating this jam on itch to promote gamedevs doing that. I realized after I had the idea that it coincided with Day of The Dead. I have always liked the idea of Day of The Dead because instead of treating death as something dark and hidden, it pulls it out into the light of a celebration and turns it into something far less sad. That is why I scheduled the jam as I did.

I want to wish everybody that participates good luck with the jam and I appreciate you taking the time to take on this challenge.


Never seen a Day of the Dead jam before - maybe a good time to try out the PICO-8. Thanks for making it!