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Proc Gen Collaboration

A topic by DiveNorth created Nov 10, 2016 Views: 152 Replies: 2
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Hey guys. I compose procgen music. I'm working on a music project for the jam but was also wondering if anyone would be interested in collaborating on a game to explore the untapped potential and interactivity between a procedurally generated game and procedurally generated music.

If you're interested hit me up with an email at devin@devinrothmusic.com.

Here's a video of one of my past projects.


Hey, I'm writing a simple sim/rpg/roguelike? game with procjam assets, do you want to throw your music in there? It can be a library file or something, we'll sort out the technicals.

My progress so far:

  1. random map generator (done)
  2. roguelike AI (done)
  3. character creation (done)
  4. combat, score tracking and league table (done)
  5. random class generator (done)
  6. random item generator & character equips (20%?)
  7. post combat gold & item shop (0%)
  8. revisit classes to have item effects (e.g. assassin class gets +20% critical strike) - if I have time

Some WIP screenshots: https://zweiz.itch.io/procgenarena

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Absolutely. Cool project. Send me an email at devin@devinrothmusic.com and I'll hook you up.