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Art, Talks, Zines, Tutorials - The PROCJAM Resources Thread Sticky

A topic by Cut Garnet Games created Sep 14, 2016 Views: 805 Replies: 4
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We try to give people as much support as possible to get started with procedural generation. Here's our current treasure trove:


Every year we have a live day of talks from procedural generation experts, which we record and put online. There's lots of tips, inspiration and advice from all kinds of cool people. You can find all our talks on our YouTube channel here.


We have a bunch of art assets released under a Creative Commons license ready to use. We've just released our brand new art packs for 2016, with a revamped art page including last year's pack too. That's over 1000 art assets in total, ready to use in procedural projects!


This year we launched our zine, Seeds. It's over 100 pages of articles from the community, including How-Tos, inspiration, reports, plans, ideas and history. It's a great document to flick through when you're pondering what to do for the jam! Find the first issue here.


Next year our main focus will be expanding the tutorials on the website so we can help people start off with procedural generation. For now, we have a big list of tutorials we've found elsewhere on the web, categorised by the type of content they're generating. You can find it here.

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Hello there!

I am considering joining this jam, got a burning question, though :)

Do I need to use the art mentioned above in order my submission to be recognised as valid?


> Do I need to use the art mentioned above in order my submission to be recognised as valid?

Absolutely not! It's just a free resource for people who might use it to get inspired, or who don't want to do their own art. If you want to use your own art, or don't need any art at all, that's no problem! We just put these there to help people :)

I hope you'll join us! ^_^


Bumping the thread because I've transformed it into a general purpose 'things to help you jam' thread :)

Random robot api, could be useful for someone?