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sprites or vectors

A topic by eflake created Sep 17, 2016 Views: 223 Replies: 7
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which is preferred, or does it matter? if sprites, any 'artistic' shading allowed?

It probably does not matter as long as they have the appearance of primitives. They may be really fancy looking primatives but they are primatives. I am going to be using just Vertex Primitives for this game jam either in a self made OpenGL engine or SFML Depends on how I feel Monday.

I see it as making the main sprites "primitive", but leaving particles like explosions to whatever sprite you want them to be.


Its ok to use either as long as the texture on the sprite is primitive or made of primitive shapes, shading is fine as its just visual work but as long as the game is majority made of primitive shapes to give it a sphere, cube, triangle look then it falls under the theme fine :D

Does it have to be a solid color or as long as the shape is primitive?


And what about the other parts of gameplay like numbers, text, fonts?


Numbers text and fonts can be anything you want, the more the game looks like its made from primitive shapes the closer you are to the target but dont restrict yourself on things like donts, text, etc, you can use art assets but that will take away from the basic primitive look of the game and will probably lose you points.

And it can be whatever colour you want, just keep primitive shapes in mind when designing your game!


I am actually really good at geometry dash :P.