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Created a new topic linux version?

C'mon, this is godot..

nice, when i enlarge on a surface pro 4, i can't play. mouse doesn't seem to map to the buttons correctly.

Thanks, you can also do a joust like attack from above, holding the down button and 'diving'.

I hope I didn't stretch the limits too much, i kept the sprites as squares, circles and ovals.

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Welll I must have missed the 'voting' options or something when setting this up, ~:/

Replied to Markus Glanzer in Hello
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Yes it can be a very simple effect. Something that could be put on a 'billboard' in a 3d game like a tv monitor, a poster on a wall, or any other flat or other medium in a 3d space

Don't see it in the calendar yet, maybe too early, but here it is.


Created a new topic Hello

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments. Thanks.

Created a new topic Updates

Wondering if it's worth it to add fixes, more gameplay variety and levels.. any suggestions?



Created a new topic first game jam

This is rough, I was thinking it would be a piece of cake but not giving up.

And what about the other parts of gameplay like numbers, text, fonts?

Created a new topic sprites or vectors

which is preferred, or does it matter? if sprites, any 'artistic' shading allowed?


Can you add live play, when you click the mouse to add the note, it plays it?

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About time, this is simple and appears to be fun. I donated, many thanks!!