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I'll remember that next time but limitatuon said optional? Did I miss something

The spinning spider is the one. Trying to keep my project page pollution down.

Dithering is ok right?

np was wondering. not angry

No rankings or votes? wow

Thanks, did minor update. It looks better in an editor though, itch preview seems to really blur the pixels. Is there a way to not have it blur, or people just have to install to view it?

160x96, 4 colors

  • Added a local leaderboard.

* Fixed the highscore load/save function.

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  • Fixed bug on yellow bird. 
  • Updated scores on all enemies as recommended by my kid.
  • Fixed bug on player lives when restarting.

Added second saucer and power up weapon, thanks to Alex_to_the_Moon

Neat game, thanks for sharing.

Dropped the number of lives back down to 3, can't make it too easy :P

Thanks to Alex_to_the_Moon for his helps with some bug fixes and organization. 

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Neat stuff. why does the lighting appear weird at times, kind of flickers if you're not looking at a wall directly or not as bright. Also there is a little z-fighting between two floor panes, in the first room. When it switches from walking on floor_sqr256 to floor_sandstone, i have to jump a little to continue to move or it 'sticks'.

New update in the works, to be released soon.

The same, using windows defender.

I tried to run it, was triggered as a virus or trojan.

Nice work, what engine did you use?

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Thanks, wanted to add a bit more but ran short on time. After voting ends, I'll fix the spammy key, give it a fluffier title page and will add more to it until I can call it a release.

Blue Phoenix community · Created a new topic Updates

Updated 5/31/2020:

movement:  WASD or arrow keys,  shooting is with spacebar or a control key.

Enigma :)

I think a neat feature to add would be the ability to add or use dithered brushes.

The demo also seems to crash after awhile.

would recommend to make the toolbar resizable (looks tiny on my surface pro), and use a tool to 'extrude' the same colored pixels or colored pixels that are touching into the next or new layer.

Or is it kept in sync? ALso, is there a hotkey to move up or down a level rather than move the mouse to the bottom, select a slice and move the mouse back up?  Yea, i'm a little lazy in that way.

Hi, I wouldn't mind helping to fork off of his project, don't want to put alot of work into it to find out we are recreating what he is building though.

Very nice, i've been using piskel but this would be ideal to use with godot. I have a few ideas if you want to look into it.

* preview window of animation sprite that can be scaled up/down, and play independently of the frames at the bottom (playing automatically at 12fps when program is started)

* moving the frames closer to the canvas layer window

* have up to 4  texture buttons for the brush sizes, optional textedit for larger values

* compare with Piskel, have the +, -, and clone keys embedded in the frame you have active.

* move the loop/playforward to bottom, bringing the + - CL keys closer to frames

* a checkbox to show/hide the onionskin

* up to 4 texturebuttons for onionskin, with optional edit box if you need more onion flavor

* more defined border around the line of frames at the bottom.

* hotkeys for the button 'frames' +,-,CL, etc .  playing with the source, I added Z to create a new frame, X to delete a frame, and C to clone it

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Can you import samples or wavs for instruments? I'm asking because all the instruments sound the same. Am I missing a setting?

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i save myfont32x16.png   (256x128,   8x8 fonts).  Importing it creats a 16x8. Try to edit it and it crashes. Also tried 8x8 fonts - myfont8x8.png and it crashes trying to edit it.  **UPDATE crashing is due to i was exporting as Grayscale instead of RGB.

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that's fine, just unsure how to load it as the current sprite font set. I see no 'open' or any other button  - Nevermind, just reread what you wrote. It works

On the import menu, i can navigate and select the .png but can't seem to import it? is it missing the button or is there a key i have to press to import the png image?  Thanks.

Yes you did, thanks

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is there a retro game system this resolution and color scheme are based on?  What are the color values, I can't right click and save the palette. Or can I visually approximate as long as i only use 4  colors?


Maybe. more like 128x512 or 512x512 with 16x16 or 64x64 chars

Is it possible to change the resolution ?

<3  Awesome updates

I would like to see a line and rectangle/oval tool,  and an undo feature.  Thanks again..