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Please Don't Die.
Submitted by Rabbitz, Riceratops — 2 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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Artistic Style#1094.0004.000

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  • The demo was short and enjoyable, but I feel like the mechanics could explain more in depth. Perhaps a tutorial would do wonder. The oxygen and aparthy bar doesnt explained much about what they do, and the AI from the allies doesnt help much. GDD looks good. Missing an map, and you likely forgot to remove some minor details in GDD as well, since I see a lot of "[ ]" .

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The 98 is a chaotic squad management game in which you will need to motivate your followers to perform maintenance duties to avoid total humanity extinction.
The 98 is inspired by games like Overcooked and other games with crazy shenanigans, demanding quick reaction times!

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I liked the dialogue between the characters, the setup for the story in the future, and the core mechanic of the game seems to be there with managing the guys, also I liked the music (though it did stop eventually and didn't loop). Also the character design was cute!

I was very confused when I got into the level itself as to what exactly I had to do, and whether what I was doing was working. I assume I was meant to press E to motivate the firefighters to put out the fires, but I wasn't sure whether that was doing anything, if you do go ahead and develop it more (which you should!) I'd say make that clearer as to what to do in the first place, a tutorial of sorts for the main gameplay.

Overall, a good submission, was fun to play about with.


Thanks a lot for playing and for the honest feedback! It was fun watching you read the dialogue out loud.

I found it interesting when you replayed the game to see if the recruits would change. That's a good idea that we hadn't thought of!


Quite interesting take on the theme and even better implementation !


Fun interpretation of the theme in a very unique setting! I kind of get Pikmin's therapist vibes from it all.


Cute characters, among us vibes in the look or their shape i guess.....

Crazy dialogue, cute ideas, be interesting to see other problems in game to come up with to solve psychologically ....nice work.




OMG the character design is so cute in this. I'm not sure if I missed something, but I wasn't able to successfully put out the fire in the Garden after attempting it twice. Is the character with the fire extinguisher supposed to automatically put it out? Because for me, they kept moving to the top right corner away from the fire.


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

They will put the fires out themselves, but they need to be encouraged to do so or they will become demotivated and stop.

If you go near them and interact in the garden map their motivation will go up and they will be more likely to do their job. You can also recruit additional firefighters.

I guess we struggled on visually giving you feedback about this, so lesson learned!