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A jam submission

Sarah Chronos vs T-1KView game page

Help Sarah Chronos getting rid of all Exterminators T-1K as she escapes!
Submitted by achojoao — 27 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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Source Code
t=0c=0f=1l=1q=btn r=rect function m(x)return flr(rnd(x))+1end function u(x,y,k)for i=-2,2do for j=-2,2do if k==pget(x+i,y+j)then return 1end end end return end::_::t+=1if l>0then if f>0then w=12z=64h={}e={}b={}c+=1f=0for i=1,c do add(e,{x=32+m(80),y=m(80)})end for i=1,m(9)do add(h,m(15))end elseif #e<1then f=1end flip()o={w,z}d={0,0}d[1]=q(3)and 1or q(2)and-1or 0d[2]=q(1)and 1or q(0)and-1or 0w+=d[2]z+=d[1]if u(w,z,12)then w=o[1]z=o[2]end l=u(w,z,10)and 0or 1if q(5)and t%5<1and(d[1]!=0or d[2]!=0)then add(b,{x=w,y=z,o=1,d=d})end cls()r(3,0,124,120,12)for i=1,#h do y=flr(h[i]/4)*30x=3+(h[i]%4)*30r(x,y,x+(i%2<1and 30or 0),y+(i%2<1and 0or 30),12)end for a in all(b)do if u(a.x,a.y,12)then del(b,a)else r(a.x,a.y,a.x,a.y,a.o+10)a.x+=a.d[2]*3a.y+=a.d[1]*3end end
for a in all(e)do i=w<a.x and-.25or w>a.x and.25or 0j=z<a.y and-.25or z>a.y and.25or 0if t%15<1then add(b,{x=a.x,y=a.y,o=0,d={j,i}})end a.x+=i a.y+=j if u(a.x,a.y,11)then del(e,a)else
end end
end goto _

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I got to world 12 once, but I think that's about as far as I can get before the rng hands me either instant game over cause spawned in a wall I guess or too wide an open space with too many spread out enemies.

The most effective strategy seems to be to line strafe when ever able to get vertically or horizontally aligned while letting the enemies ram into your shots. When that's not viable cause stuck with too many at an angle, just twirl around and let shots hit whenever they can. Also the enemies going through walls seems to be the player's best boon.

Tip to anyone else who tries this: don't bother letting go of the shoot button.


farthest got was world 10


This is such a good game, with great mechanics.
I used to love Bezerk as a kid and this gives me the same sense of peril!
Nice entry! 😎👌