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Extra time possible?

A topic by Ebriosus Beati created Mar 19, 2017 Views: 203 Replies: 8
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I'm about 75% done with my game, but I was wondering if it's possible to extend the jam by a couple of extra hours? I know the jam rules say not to suggest anything that would make changes to the rules, but I could really use an extra 2 or so hours. Thanks.


I'm sorry, but I'm kinda not in the position to do that... I would have if the jam was still kinda small, but more than a hundred people joined. It would be unfair to those that crammed super hard and cut features to make the deadline. Sorry... :/ I encourage you to cut features, or even work on the game after the jam!


Damn, I would need that too. My game is 60% complete, and I needed to spent all the day out. Just arrived with 1:30 hours left. Guess it's time to improvise.


Yukon: I understand; it wouldn't be fair if I got preferential treatment. I just wrapped up my entry, albeit with huge cuts. I'll have to finish it post jam as you suggest; I really just wished I finished the entire game for the jam itself. :(

Luiz, I definitely feel your pain! Dx

I would have literally need an extra minute. It was an awful moment when I went back to the game jam page and saw this jam grayed out. I had written out my game page and everything, it was all good, so I was going to turn it in to this jam. Little did I know, my clock in my room is 3 minutes behind and I actually had 43 seconds, and I'm like "Phew, that was a close one". Now there was the dropdown menu with my games, but not the newest one. Because I forget to hit Publish on my game page...

I guess good news is a demo is published on my page now, so if you want to check it out, there's where to go.

I want say, great idea though, it was really fun! It even got me to start a game I plan on updating a good bit!


Ok, so I'm going to "extend" the "jam" until midnight. I'm not saying to keep working on your game until then, as the jam is "done", but use the extra time as you need too. ;)

Awesome! Just got mine in as soon as I saw that, thank you so much!


No problem! Sorry for not extending it sooner... :/

You're good, not your fault. I'll just be sure to submit my game on time for future jams, since I don't think every host will be nice enough to extend it a bit longer. I didn't even know the host could do that after it ended.