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Yukon W.

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I... I don't know how to react to this... Haha. :)

A very interesting concept. I see a lot of potentional in the idea. The gameplay has a few small issues but is pretty fun, the animation is smooth and enjoyable, and the sound is pretty great. Good work!

Replied to TheOnlyOne in iii comments

Thank you! I'm sorry that happened to you... :O I didn't even realize that was possible, haha. I could make it so that enemies don't chase past a certain distance, but that might make them too easy to deal with... :/

Anyways, thank you so much for playing and for the report! I hope you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you for playing and making a let's play! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Replied to Doxuz in iii comments

Thank you for playing and posting it on YouTube! Unfortunately I don't know a lick of Indonesian, but I really appreciate you bringing iii to a whole new audience! Thank you! :D

Thank you for playing iii! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm sorry it was kinda tough, I'm still learning how to make really good platforming, haha.

A kick-ass Ludum Dare entry and overall a fun rhythm game!

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you so much!!! :D I'm legit crying right now, Haha.

itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic iii

Hey everyone!

iii is a little "catroidvania" about a one-eyed cat leaving his comfort zone. Explore underground caverns, gain vision of other dimensions, help the inhabitants, and expand your horizons.

Originally made for Ludum Dare 38 (Jam), iii was a weird take on the theme "A Small World". I build the world so it would be quite small at first, but as the player progresses, they discover more and more.

While this isn't the game's release, (I soft launched it a while ago...) it's a massive update that drastically changes how the game works at it's core!

This includes:

  • New dialogue system.
  • Saving & loading.
  • Revamped sound effects.
  • Added a full soundtrack.
  • A fully featured title screen.
  • Pausing & resolution control.
  • A full tutorial.
  • And many more quality of life changes!

Let me know what you guys think! :)


Awesome! I was just thinking about this a week ago, haha.

Thank you! :D I made the game in GameMaker Studio 2 and cranked out the art in Aseprite! :)

Thanks! :D

Awesome! Glad you had fun! Congrats on finishing your game! :D

It's up! :D

Hey there jammers!

So first off, super big thank you to everyone who participated! This is the first game jam I've ever hosted, and after itch featured it, it kinda blew up! That's super crazy to me, and it blows my mind that I managed to put together an event that would inspire all you guys to make all these awesome games! So I would like to thank each one of you for spending your weekend doing my little game jam!

That being said, I have a quick little update for everyone. The jam has been extended by 3 hours to allow people who just missed the deadline recover and throw up their awesome games! The reason I extended it by 3 hours instead of 1 or 2 is because I didn't know we needed it until about a half hour after the jam. I'm hoping the extra chunk of time will let people get back on the groove and submit their games asap.

Anyways, thank you all for participating, and I hope you all had a lot of fun!

No problem! Sorry for not extending it sooner... :/

Replied to CWTravis in Life after Jam

Thanks for participating! :D

Ok so super quick, I extended the jam to midnight. If your entry still isn't showing, see if you can edit it or re-submit! Good luck! :D Keep me posted though.

Posted in Life after Jam

Feel free to keep working on your game during the jam judging! Just make sure to leave up the jam version of the game until it ends! I hope you had fun! :D

Ok, so I'm going to "extend" the "jam" until midnight. I'm not saying to keep working on your game until then, as the jam is "done", but use the extra time as you need too. ;)

Uhh... I would love to help, but I don't think I can... :/ If I were you, I would maybe contact itch.io through Twitter or some sort of social media. Keep me updated, if itch needs me to do anything, I'll do it. Since you were super close, I'm down to count it as an entry. Sorry that happened to you though... I wish there was something I could do...

Thanks for doing the jam dude! :D I hope you had fun, and congratulations for finishing a game in such a short time!

I'm sorry, but I'm kinda not in the position to do that... I would have if the jam was still kinda small, but more than a hundred people joined. It would be unfair to those that crammed super hard and cut features to make the deadline. Sorry... :/ I encourage you to cut features, or even work on the game after the jam!

Hey Adam!

Sorry for not responding super quick, life's been busy... :/

Also thanks for the speedy fix! I'm planning on cranking out something soon.

For the RPG mechanics, I was thinking a rogue-like experience. For example, I was thinking mechanics that are similar to this game's mechanics. With the editor, you might have to add a window for item management, where you could turn the inventory on or off and make items. Items could have different properties like if you can wear it or eat it or use it as a weapon, and each could have stat changes that go along with it. Also, for enemies, there could simply be a checkbox which will set it to be an enemy or not. This could add new options like health, behaviors, item drops, etc.

That's all I can think of right now for the mechanics, sorry my brain is kinda fried...

It's up to the creator! I added the challenges to just be fun little side quests and stuff you could also do during the jam, so feel free to interpret them your own way! :D

As long as you submit before the deadline, it's cool by me! :D Just try to stick to a 48 hour limit.

Posted in About opacity?

You can totally use opacity effects in game! Most of the rules are based around asset creation, so don't hold back what you do in the actual game engine! :)

Haha, it's one of the best ways to learn! Have fun and don't stress yourself out over it! Also don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it! :)

Posted in Drawing Devices

Haha, that's a great challenge! But yea, feel free to use whatever is more comfortable for the vanilla jam! :)

You still need to use a game engine to piece the game together, but the idea is you must use paint for graphics. Stencyl & GameMaker are both great engines for beginners, and you can make a game in both of them without code!

Sorry for the confusion! :/

Yes! :D


Sure! As long as you use paint or a paint like program, any art style is fine! :D

Sure! Try to limit yourself to features only available in paint though.

Sorry, I didn't realize it would be a pain to do that until right now, haha. Go ahead and model stuff like the world and level, but make sure the textures are all made in paint, haha.

Posted in Sound Effects

You aren't exactly required to make all sound effects by mouth, it's a little side quest, haha. But if you do plan on taking up the challenge, you are free to edit it however you please!

Alrighty! Have fun! :D

It's up to you! Whatever game engine you are most comfortable with is a fine choice!

I'm personally a fan of GameMaker: Studio. It's a pretty powerful engine for quick and dirty prototyping!