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Yukon W.

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Eyy this slaps!

Thank you!

Very cute and polished! The art is absolutely adorable and makes me excited to see a full product! My only feedback surrounds the very harsh difficulty curve, which requires very precise placements that feel a little unfair at times. I would definitely make it all a bit more lenient, as I would find myself barely not quick enough, and the entire run ruined.

Dude this is litttttt

Yes! Or at least a majority of them!

Go ahead! As long as you have legal permission! 

Any engine works!

It's on the main page!

That's a-ok!

paint.Net is a good alternative, that is allowed in the jam!

As long as you have legal permission to use the image, and you modify it enough that it fits within the theme of paint jam, it works for me!

That sounds ok!


This actually is not allowed! You must have full legal permission to use an image.

Sure! Any art tool is allowed, as long as your game feels "paint" haha. The idea with the jam is just to have some kinda rough art haha.

Yep! Paint Jam is actually a competitive jam haha

Yep! Feel free to also use to actually make the art! Just try to mimic the paint "feeling" with your assets!

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if this jam was just for rogue-likes, or are rogue-lites also allowed? I'm a sucker for Nuclear Throne and games in that vain, so I would love to do this jam if I could make a game with a similar amount of rogue as those games haha.

Thanks! c: