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Hi! Please hold F12 on the main menu! This should reset your keybinds when the keyboards warning turns into a green checkmark!

thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


Yep! That's perfectly acceptable!

Yep! As long as you use paint for texturing!

Teams are allowed! If you join the Discord, we even have a find a team channel!

Hi! To answer your questions;

  1. Please make a new page! I remove a lot of spam games from the jam simply because they were created way before the jam even started. (You wouldn't believe how many people abuse jam submissions) Making a new page let's me know the game was developed within the jam's time period.
  2. That works for me! The only thing I would avoid doing is like, copy and pasting a whole game, which it sounds like you aren't doing!


Heck yes, see you online!

Actually, the best way to keep up with my work is through my new studio, Snoozy Kazoo! Here's a link to the website that has everything else on it as well! :)

hell yeah I will! :) I preordered one right when they became available!

Hey there!

Maybe check out JSPaint? It's become my go-to for recommending an alternative!


You should be able to just download the game on the itch app and it should load your save correctly!

It's actually out on Switch as well!

Here's a link to the eshop page!

2 weeks is still way too long. The idea behind a game jam is to push yourself to make a short "complete" experience that people can play and rate! While updates after the jam is super encouraged, the jam is over, and I can't possibly extend the submission period. If you have something playable, please upload it to itch if you want to have your submission to qualify, but if not, I do have to remove it from the jam. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck with your game!

Here's a link to submit!

Uhh, the point of the jam is for participants to make a game during the jam period (48 hours), so 6 weeks is def too long. If you wanted to submit something tonight or early tomorrow that works for me, but anything longer isn't allowed

Porting is allowed!

just upload your game onto itch and send a link here and I can shoot you back a personalized submission link!

Yep! Bug fixes/minor tweaks are allowed! Just don't add features until rating is done!

Hi! If you release your game on itch, and then reply with a link, I can generate a link you can use to submit it late!

Hi! Here's a link you can use to submit your game late!

This link will only work on your account however!

Let me know if you need any more help with anything!

Yep! While we don't encourage you to add features or levels to your game, bug fixes are allowed!

Hi! Please publish your game onto itch normally, and reply with a link and I can get you sorted! :)

Hi! I thought I saw your game submitted yesterday. (I assumed it was a placeholder since it didn't have a download, which makes sense!) Did something go wrong with submission?

You can do whatever you want with it! Think of it more as a starting point!

Yeah of course!

We will have one soon! I'm working some things out. It'll be around for Paint Jam but long this time 2021!

We will be announcing one at the start of the jam!


That's fine with me! I also use layers a ton and I couldn't imagine not using them haha


There will be at some point! We're working a few things out internally. Expect to see one around Paint Jam but long this time 2021!

There will be a theme that's announced the day the jam starts!

They get featured on the jam results page!

Nope! We just don't recommend doing it because that would be hell haha


Any game engine can be used! As long as you can submit your game here, it works for me!