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I loved your video! Honestly all your ideas are making me want to work on the game some more haha. I wish I had free time... :/ Thank you so much though! :)

Hit them with that fat 0 :/

Could you clarify? I'm confused haha.

I can let you submit late! Please upload your game to itch, publish it, and then email me ( your game's link and I can send you a link to submit! 


The goal of the theme was to simply draw inspiration. My idea originally with the painting themes was to just play on the fact that this is a "paint" jam. Feel free to take the theme in anyway you want, or not use it at all. Trust me when I say this, I'm running paint jam mainly as a way to show that games can be fun even without insane next-gen graphics.

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

Paint.NET is allowed! Ideally you are supposed to use just MS Paint, but since MS Paint doesn't support many things needed for game development, such as transparency, you are allowed to use other programs alongside to create artwork. Art should have a paint-like aesthetic however. Hope this helps! :)

Sadly, I cannot move the dates of the jam around at this point due to limitations around event hosting at our physical host. If there is any interest, I could potentially host Paint Jam twice a year, with the intent being to cater to an audience with different time constraints? Would there be a time that would be preferred?


So Paint Jam works very closely with the Becker College Chapter of the International Game Developer's Association, and because of this, we are flexible when it comes to the jam dates to work with the local host. There is a massive event happening on the 22nd at Becker College, so we shifted the jam forwards a week.

I hope this isn't an inconvenience.

Yukon W.

What did I do to deserve this

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Thank you! :D It means a lot to be compared to someone who made a game I really enjoy haha!

Dimension swapping swaps out the masks of specific objects, and the object just doesn't draw itself. It was a quick implementation that probably could have been done better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You guessed the visuals spot on haha! The static, bars, and vignette are simply overlays, and the lighting is a surface of solid black that I just punch out the current sprite of each light on.

Hope this helps! :)

Haha don't be sorry for asking questions! I'm here to help haha. :)

When it comes to parenting, in my newer games, I tend to have a few core objects that everything inherits from. For example, I tend to create a parent I dub an entity. This base entity controls very little at the start, but it tends to get filled with variables every object should contain. My best example is how I handle my own movement and collision systems. I set up a parent "rigidbody" object that has all my movement and collision code inside of that. Everything that move inherits from that, which leads to every object having the same variables and functionality.

Basically, don't write code twice. If a chunk of objects are going to share behaviors, just make a parent for them.

Because this was a game jam game, it's super hacky. The issue of enemies getting deleted when pushed into a wall was a crappy fix we made last minute to solve enemies clipping into walls. We basically just delete the enemy if inside a solid. I've personally never had any luck with the built in GameMaker movement systems, as stuff tends to clip through solids and things just break really easily. I also tend to build games that need really specific movement systems, so it's just easier to build my own.

I hope this helps! :D

Thank you a ton! To answer your questions:

  1. For this project, it appears we just had a parent enemy that is shared among all the enemies. Carson and I built this game a long time ago, so trust me when I say that I overuse parenting now haha.
  2. For character knockback and movement, we used GameMaker's built in speed and direction system, simply modifying the direction and applying force. I would not recommend doing this, as it created many of the bugs present in current Grim Fantasy, such as enemies disappearing when they clip into walls.
  3. For our weapons, all our weapons spawn a projectile on click. That projectile differs based on it's type. For melee weapons, it spawns that slash, which is a separate object entirely that deals damage to enemies.

Sadly, Grim Fantasy's codebase has fallen insanely out of date after the game jam. I don't support any of our coding methods above, as now I tend to write my own movement systems, and I overuse parenting haha.

When it comes to making the game in such a short time, I can effectively say we just rushed the programming side and pumped as much content in with minimal systems. That being said, once again this is older methodology that I don't agree with anymore. Our systems were't modular or expandable in the slightest, and changing how a system worked for one object would require us to change it for all of them.

I'm sorry I didn't have super great answers to your questions, but I hope this somewhat helped! :)

No problem man! It was a sick game!

Thanks for playing and writing up an article! It means a lot! :)

Thank you! I'm honored to be the first episode, and I can't wait to see where the channel goes! :)

Your wish is my command:

Let me know if there is any specific channels you want!

I decided to keep it fresh for year to year that I will actually include a theme! I'm planning on dropping it on our Twitter as soon as the jam starts, and we will update the page on here shortly after!

Hey there! 👋

I decided to keep it fresh for year to year that I will actually include a theme! I'm planning on dropping it on our Twitter as soon as the jam starts, and we will update the page on here shortly after!

Thank you!!! :D I'm really happy you enjoyed it!


Hey there!

Judging is open to everyone that submitted a game!

Hey there!

So my goal with paint jam is just to get people to make games with the paint feel. If you can achieve that in any program other than paint, it's within the rules. Also the paint feel is kinda a per person thing, so in reality you can use whatever program you want haha. Just try not to use any image effects or anything not achievable within paint, haha.

Thank you for playing! :D

Hey there! 👋

So last year, a lot of people asked for a theme, but I never had a good idea for one. I'm still internally debating whether or not there will be one. If there will be one, I'll put out an email blast about it so everyone knows!

Judging is kinda loose. Just make something awesome and you'll rank high!

I hope you enjoy Paint Jam! 😃

Thanks for sharing that! I only remember modern paint, but I'm sure many will really appreciate diving back onto the version they remember! :)

Awesome! No rush man, take your time! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :D

Hey, I made a little spooky game for a game jam!

Thanks you!