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Bullet Hero (OST Jam)View game page

Rhythm-based bullet hell
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The idea is very cool, the graphics though simple fit well. I know from friends who tried to make a game on music beats that it is quite hard. So good job :) I played on the tutorial (nicely voiced) and a few songs.
I think I spotted a few bugs:
- I don't know if it's intentional, but we can actually go out of the ring  if we "force" a bit against the walls
- Some laser sprites stay on the screen until you close the game (even if you go back to menu)
- I had to use pause to go back to menu after the tutorial, I couldn't use the options given

And it's not a bug but I think it would have been a bonus to show the controls from the start. I tried to click and use WASD buttons for few seconds before realizing I need to use the arrows (in the menu) haha.


Thanks for the feedback! I love rhythm games and this was a ton of fun to put together.

I like the simple graphics, but I feel they are still a bit too simple. I'm hoping to get more of a neon abstract aesthetic like HyperDot.

Going through walls is DEFINITELY a bug 馃槄; it's already fixed on my end, I just gotta push the build up.

Interesting to hear about the lasers! I haven't encountered that yet, but I'll look into it. There are a few  quirks with bullets and shots I need to investigate.

I'll look into the tutorial thing as well. Some of the song and scene sequencing is a bit wonky still :)

Completely agree with the controls as well! Definitely going to find a good way to show how things work before you get to the menu. The game should work with most controllers as well! You should have been able to use WASD for menu navigation, but maybe something else is going on there.

Thank you again for your feedback! Looking forward to pushing more builds out in the coming weeks :)


Yeah maybe it's because I'm always swapping from WASD from ZQSD (as I'm french but I often need the WASD commands), so maybe that was on my side actually :D
Just this image to show you how the bugged laser looked on my screen ;D I had up to three at some point and they didn't came off until I closed the game haha. But maybe you've fixed it on your end and that's why you don't see them :D


Oh wow I have no idea how that happened! From all the playing I've done I've never seen that. Will have to look into it more. Are you playing on Mac, PC, or Linux? Not sure if that makes a difference but it's worth checking.

Thanks again for the details, I appreciate it!


I am playing on Windows 10 :D You're welcome :3


Hm, so am I! I'll figure it out :)


I really appreciate the voiced tutorial feature!


Thanks! I need to improve it a bit, but it's probably the easiest tutorial I ever made haha