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Submitted by Joshua Conway — 5 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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These tracks are all within a fantastical orchestral sound world. Written in Logic Pro X. The tracks try and capture a feeling of the player being chased throughout a variety of levels, while also building up the world of a unexplored untamed wilderness that the player is running through.

On the Run - A Dramatic chase track that could play over a timed level or cinematic, building from a sneaky escape to a full blown chase

An Unmarred Grove - Our characters first ever experience of nature and the wilds, untouched by machines and fire

Those Who Give Chase - A loopable track built out of 3 sections, played over chase levels as the player avoids the hunting authorities

Spiders and Cobwebs - A discovery that not everything in the forrest is beautiful, friendly or safe

Message from the artist:
The Runway is a platforming game that entails a young worker in an industrial city escaping their life of servitude into the surrounding untamed wilderness. As they flee they are chased both by the authorities and the creatures within the forrest. These tense platforming levels are interspersed with relaxed open areas, where the player can discover the beauty of the untamed wilderness, and investigate exactly why no one may leave the city in which they had previously been confined.... [I hope no matter the outcome of this jame you guys get some enjoyment out of this! it was a really awesome project to work on and I cant wait for the next one!]


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These tracks manage to conjure the tense drama of a character running away, and the threat of whatever they are being chased by. However far from being just a traditional chase score, the soundtrack uses a soundscape evocative of a a mystical fae world to build the sense of wonder that the character experiences as it flees into a new, dangerous and perhaps better world.

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Strong composition throughout. Love the variety of articulations and textures used in the final track. The second track makes me think of the Octopath Traveler OST. 


Why does this one have so few ratings? It's magnificent.

I find the chord progressions in this one really inspiring. While I'm not well versed enough in music theory to explain what exactly is causing this, I can tell you how each track made me feel:

On The Run - Oooh. I really like the whimsical nature of this. There's quite a few chord transitions where I went "oh hey, that's cool". Like I was expecting a specific chord next, and you gave me a different one. One that also fit, but gave me that little tickle of interest. Oh... and now we hit the second part. Now it feels like we're on the run alright. Getting a very magical feeling now. Love the dynamics of the whole piece. Very cool.

An Unmarred Grove - Nice. We're getting a brief moment of respite. Despite this track being very calm at face value, there's a lot of mystery to be found in the forest from the sounds of it. As the track progresses, it feels like we're peeling away more and more of the surface and finding more and more surprising things. This one is much more subtle in its delivery of those moments of surprisal than the first track, but still absolutely excellent!

Those Who Give Chase - Oh yes! I love this. Definitely getting a chase vibe from this.

Spiders And Cobwebs - Love how you're using that double bass as a percussive element here. That is a double bass, right? Or some other big stringed instrument.

So I do play a lot of the kind of platformers that I suspect this is intended for and I have to say, I think this would fit really well! I'd love to play a game to this.

As for your description, I did get a lot of enjoyment out of this. My favourite were the first two tracks. The progressions in those one were so awesome. Amazing work.


Awesome orchestration well done, can really feel the fantasy I cannot believe you don't have that much people rating this, the composition in itself is great too. Underrated imo.


On the Run - Cool track, indeed very dramatic.
An Unmarred Grove - A very lovely and mysterious track, really evokes that sense of exploring unknown territory.
Those Who Give Chase - I felt like a was being chased, well done!, I really like the percussion on this one, it makes it very dramatic.
Spiders and Cobwebs - That eerie feeling of having a giant spider above you :).

It really shows that you put a lot of care and effort in each of the pieces,  I really like  your entry, well done!


Really liked how the way the music was set gave the impression of movement (with the 'plip/plops' such as in 'An Unmarred Grove') as well as discovery (such as in 'Those Who Give Chase') and expansion of the player's awareness. Very effective. Also liked what I heard as a Danny Elfman-type influence in parts of the tracks.    


Beautiful, we can feel the tense chase of the people chasing you. It's really great