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A jam submission

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it is glichy but fun
Submitted by binary studios — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline
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People's Choice#141.3611.667

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  • I admire that you are young and giving this a go. When it comes to the real world the saying goes time is money. A lot of people myself included don't want to spend the time figuring out how to unzip it. It doesn't matter how good a game is if people don't end up playing it then it's not likely to go anywhere. Don't despair. This is an important and valuable lesson if you will take it. Many people take a long time to learn it. You get a headstart. Next time I am sure you will be the first to make sure your game is accessible as the top priority.
  • This adhered to the one button rule (though requiring the mouse to be centered first) with no loss or detrimental outcome when stepping away, so good job there! The gameplay seems to be a click-and-purchase style of game, though it was unclear why I need to buy the items. Also, I seemed to be able to buy two things but not the third item the two times I played through the game.
  • The rar version definitely didn't help with the number of ratings. Good effort though!
  • Je ne comprends pas. There's potential with an endless clicker game, but this one doesn't seem to do anything very interesting (yet), and selecting the shop items requires pointer movement, so goes against the competition rules.

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Jam Host(+2)

vid review


are you a famous youtoyouber

i have 22 subscribers on my channel


do you like me profile picher

Jam Host

Yes, your profile picture is hilarious.  No, I'm not a famous youtuber.


we shul macke vids together people llike that


While I have what it takes to unzip a RAR you might want to add a more cross compatible zip version or risk getting skipped?

Jam Host(+1)

Fun idea. But not true one-button. You should be able to start it, play it, restart it, with one-button alone (e.g. SPACE BAR or Left-click). No need to move the mouse pointer, or your finger to a different position. 


ur right i am 11 years old by the way

Jam Host(+2)

Good on you.


what do you maene

Jam Host

Good on you for entering the competition, and making something unique.

My suggestion for making Phoune Clicker truly one-button accessible, would be to forget about moving the mouse pointer anywhere. Just left-click or SPACE BAR to play. 

Then make clicking do more interesting things, with things happening after every 10 presses or so. Make them really clear. That would make a one-switch / one-button accessible activity to fit in with the competition rules. Still worth doing, I'd say.

Best wishes,