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[Dev Log] The A-List - Short Asexual Superhero VN

A topic by Metaparadox created Oct 15, 2017 Views: 136 Replies: 3
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Gahhhh! Why am I joining another game jam??? I'm already doing Yuri Jam, but I couldn't help myself. So instead of doing something big and in-depth like with Yuri Jam, I'm doing a much shorter, less complicated visual novel about asexual superheroes with "useless" powers who get their turn to save the day.

Right now I have a few character ideas:

  • Protagonist: Julia Estevez, a.k.a. The Gray Lady, biromantic gray-asexual, healing powers
  • Greg Watson, a.k.a. The Human Plant, gay demisexual, controls plant growth
  • Emily Peters, a.k.a. Ace of Hearts, aromantic asexual, emotion manipulation powers
  • Wilma Long, a.k.a. Cake Girl, biromantic asexual, heat vision (but is a pacifist and refuses to use her powers offensively)

They all go to a superhero high school in Astra City, MD. The plot begins with them meeting in the school's GSA, getting placed together in a squad at the bottom of the school charts, and end up assigned to community service. While they're out cleaning up the city and doing good deeds, a supervillain attacks the school with a hypno ray! They may be the only ones left who can save their school!


Here's some screenshots of the game as it is currently. I'll probably be done with an introductory demo by today or tomorrow. (And yes, I'm aware the character in the screenshot looks like Danny Phantom with purple hair. It wasn't intentional.)


More screenshots!


Uploaded a short demo!