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Ara games updated a game 3 years ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
Added platform Windows.
Harbinger_CR published a game 3 years ago
A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
This Ain't No Game is a humorous text-adventure "game" about a guy trying to not make a game for a Game Jam. I made this "game" for the Non-Game Game Jam. And to be honest I made it on the very last day in a few hours. So it's pretty rushed...
WestF published a Printable Board Game 3 years ago
A downloadable Printable Board Game.
This Printable board game will have you arguing with your friends and family over who is going to betray you. You find yourself at Camp Reven everything seems to be normal but one-day a man goes missing. Everyone at the camp searches for th...
communistsister published a wiki 3 years ago
A browser wiki made in HTML5.
A fake game wiki for a fake game. But a fun-sounding game. Made for Non-Game Jam in March 2018.
ekimekim published a ROM 3 years ago
A downloadable ROM.
A deceptively difficult (you might even say delightfully devilish) project. The Game Boy does not support arbitrary audio - it can only generate simple waveforms. We abuse the custom waveform generator ("channel 3") along with the volume co...
LookshGood published a book 3 years ago
A browser book made in HTML5.
Short prototype story written for Non-Game Game Jam . I have been thinking for a while about writing story about DF technology (that's my take on the idea of hackable universe). Constraints: Only 1 location - Tom’s room Structure: Time sk...
Ara games published a game 3 years ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
A completely invisible platform video game. Try to beat this game blindly.