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Resolution restriction

A topic by CharlieD_Dev created 51 days ago Views: 143 Replies: 6
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Is it alright if it's not actually 84,32 or whatever it is, but all objects are scaled up, so it appears as 84,32 (or whatever it is), sorry if I didn't explain it well.


Scaling up from the base resolution is completely okay and I would actually recommend it because the resolution is very hard to play on most modern computers.

So, from my understanding, it would be ok if the actual game resolution would be 840 x 480, but it still looks as though it was 84 x 48? Or am I misunderstanding?


It is fine to scale. The rule is trying to expressing that you have 84x48 rows and columns of detail. The game resolution does not matter as long as you could make a grid of 84x48 and everything lines up  without extra pixels poking out.

I made a reference picture of a 84x48 and 840x480 text. Both are legal the small one is just really hard to read on a 4k monitor.




Ok! Thank you very much!