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Submitted by Akusan (@akusan), Wellzitu (@wellzitusouza), SeanGaravan (@SeanGaravan) — 10 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline

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I'm quite a scaredy cat to begin with so the first time that grey thing popped through a door I gave quite a shudder! I liked the mechanic of burning things to keep the lamp alive, and felt the environment felt ominous. I found one bug, one mistake, and have two suggestions. 

If you try to jump out of the parents bedroom (like me because you got scared), only to find it out it doesn't open it and can trap you, can be slightly anticlimactic.  I got like wedged in a corner and had to restart.

This seems to be made in Unity, I found that if you literally just walk out of the wall nothing blocks you, same with the tree's. Slapping a couple collision box around the estates walls would prevent wanderers like me from walking outside.

Also (this is purely your choice) it might be interesting to keep the lamp still when walking and make it swing when sprinting to offer two ways to approach exploring the house, slow and steady, or fast and frantic. The constant moving got a bit distracting for me, but if you left it in I could see how it would naturally create a "distorting" horror effect.  I'd leave that up to you.

Other than that, I enjoyed the game! Even though I am admittedly not a horror fan in the slightest, this game provided a good scare!  Also were the family photos just photos or did they tell a story that I missed out of my rushing around? 

Thanks for making this game! 


Oh, one more thing! Also the music was really good! But too loud over the  voice line audio. I really like the volume of the music as it created a dreadful atmosphere, but toning it down during the audio lines or something would've made things more digestible.


thanks! We worked really hard on this game


Thanks Mark for your feedback! I'll take all them to my group and refine/fix them. It was my first time doing 3D on a game, it was a good experience and a lot to learn!

Again, thanks for supporting us :)


You're welcome, glad to help out! Hope you continue to grow in your skills.


Really great game. Had a "scary-good" time playing it!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! That was the goal we worked so hard to accomplish