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any teams forming in advance?

A topic by Hanaknik created Sep 21, 2016 Views: 103 Replies: 7
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Hi! my name is yarin and i have just finished a year long game design and development studies.

this is going to be my first online jam so i dont know the procedure.

are there any teams being formed before the jam? if so, can i join onboard with one of them?

hope to have a good inconvinient time with you all!

I'm alone to, I don't have mutch experience, but if you want to build a team or something like that, just send me an email paulorsg1997@gmail.com


It might help if you have a specific idea for which you're looking for partners. that makes it easier for people to judge if it's something they want to contribute to.

no, no ideas, I would like to firm a group and let the ideas flow so it will be more of a team effort, but if that's not the general vibe so I guess I'll be more prepared for the next jam! Have fun you'll!


Nah, I just mean it's easier to find people if you already have something that they can be excited about, I think.


Also if you have any questions about the jam or jams in general, let me know!


I am extremely passionate about games and their creation but I can only provide help in the writing and female voice acting aspects, I have a bare-bones concept for a game but am open to latching on to more cohesive projects as well. This is my first jam and I am mostly looking to flex my writing skills and brainstorm with others.


OK. So that makes us 3 (: any programmers on board? Art people?