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Once Upon a TimeView game page

A couple and their imaginative daughter.
Submitted by Perita — 2 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Sorry for the low qualioty

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"I am very sorry for the low quality of the art and the writing" don't underestimate yourself :o it was fabulous ! For all the games I have tested so far, it's my favorite art style.

I like the story, it was a great game ! great work :D


A bit late, but thanks for playing!


This is amazing! I disagree with your statement about the art and the writing: they are great! The art is simply but looks really good and the story was very sweet (and a bit sad). The music also fits perfectly (loved the music at the end, makes the scene very emotional).
You did an amazing job in just 10 days!


Thank you very much for playing and for you words of encouragement!


I loved this a lot! The art and story were both amazing, so I completely disagree when you say they are low quality ^_^ I think you did a wonderful job! What helped a lot I think is that all the art was consistent, giving the whole game a more professional feel. The music was also chosen perfectly, including the change of music at the end. Very well done :)

Clicking on various items in the room and learning about the life of this kid and their dad was very wholesome, and the two cutscenes were just amazing. I would have loved more cutscenes, but completely understand the time constraint >_< In the end I chose the painting over the ruler because I felt like it had more emotional weight.

All-in-all amazing job! I honestly don't really have any critical feedback. I enjoyed every bit of it :D


My intention was to include at least two more cutscenes, but ten days are not as much time as i thought it would be.

Thank you very much for playing and enjoying it!

Deleted post

I think he was more carried away not realizing what we was saying than joking, but i am happy too that it was just that.

Thank you very much for playing!

Submitted (1 edit)

That was amazing!! I actually really liked the art style it fits really well and reminded me of those cyanide and happiness comics/videos AND THE ANIMATIONS WERE REALLY NICE it felt really polished.  I feel like the art style helped me become more attached to them. It didn't feel low quality one bit

I loved the bits where when she uncovered a memory behind the painting and the ruler and they had the little reenactment scene that was really well done - sad the mother had to be there to take them out of their fun :P It was really heartwarming to see them bonding like that

I liked how joyful and happy the story had me at first and then the twist at the end kind of got me going like "WHAT?" and had me all scared,  you nailed that!

Amazing submission


Thank you very much for playing, and for your kind words!