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A topic by Studio Turtledove / Andrea Reventon created Jan 11, 2016 Views: 673 Replies: 9
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I don't have a name for this project yet, hell, I barely have an idea for it yet. I just got back from a nap and started brainstorming a little for what I wanted to do. One of the reasons I love MYST is because of how it uses enviromental storytelling within unique and different worlds that don't need "logical" connections. So I want to build on that.

An idea right now is considering the player entering the paintings of an unknown artist. I'm not sure exactly how I want to do it yet or what engine or tool I could use. I still want to keep the first person perspective with the non-specified player, since I find that important to the experience.

Anyway, I guess I've officially started this little project that I barely know what it is. If anybody have suggestions for engines/tools, let me know! I'm gonna go play around a bit with this.

Edit: Shortly after posting this I decided I wnated to call it "CANVAS".


Sounds good Andrea! Congrats for joining the jam. Entering paintings can give good results, without bothering about the consistency of the world. There is no real need of a story, we're just visiting different places.

Do you plan to try to release your project before the end of the jam (18th?). It's going to be tough, but good luck. There doesn't seem to be a lot of entries yet, so it would be cool if you could release a game or demo of Canvas!


No idea, I'm still stuck in "not sure where to start" mode. I've cobbled together demos in shorter time in the past though, so hopefully!


I love the idea Andrea, I hope to see sketches or images soon.


If you get to finish the game for the end of the jam you are a magician! I hope you succeed because the idea is very interesting :D


Well, this sure hasn't gone great.

The Good News:
I have been able to come up with what I want in the demo, so it's now just a manner of making it in time. I've figured out the presentation and first work you'll step into so to say.

The Bad News.
I have no clue how to actually get it done. My main experties lies with engines that don't really function that well for what I wish to do, which is a more standard MYST clone with pointing, clicking and the wonders of FMV.

Anyhow, should I find as I'm working tonight that there's no use trying to make this a playable demo before the Jam ends, I will likely just make a little video demonstration as a pitch of the general concept instead, as I have that down. Concept art and such should start to drop in here as I get down to producing stuff later tonight either way. I think people will like the intro idea at least.


Come on Andrea, you can do it! ;-)

Finally I'm not going to finish everything on time, but I want to submit something tomorrow.

*looks at time*

Well this ended up a disaster.

I wish I had been able to start planning earlier, or that the Jam had been during a less stressful week for me. Because I've barely gotten anything done at all. There won't be anything going up. I might put Canvas on the backburner for a later project, but I don't know for sure. Kind of sad about it because MYST being such an important part of my childhood and adult life as a game developer this felt like the Jam to get something done.

Oh well, at least other people managed to get some cool looking stuff out!

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Too bad :( But I totally understand. A lot of people here seem to have discovered the Jam too late. I wish I could see a bit of your project, do you have at least a screenshot to share? Or is there still hope that you release a demo of something? There are still of few hours to submit a project.

I thought that you were the developer behind Canveus (another game entry), then I realized it wasn't you...

I've not even been able to pick an engine or tool to work with I'm afraid. Bad timing and planning screwed it all up.