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Thanks! Continuing this particular story is not currently in our plans but it's not something we've ruled out in the future. I have a large interest in the dansou scene so I want to explore it more in writing regardless.

First off. Emil is in the game because one of the team members is  a trans man and I wanted to have more than one single kind of rep in the game. It also allowed me to reference the FTM Bois Bar in Shinjuku, a real life event

Second, I don't mind male characters in lesbian stories or stories aimed at girls, I mind men taking over the narrative in a heteronormative fashion. Whatever you're suggesting here is projection. Hell, most of the GL manga I recommend have men in them to some extent, they're just not the main focus.

I'm guessing my "rants" reference things like me complaining about Pripara having a male unit now, which I've pointed out several times is a problem to me because of how they've been used to steer the narrative towards "girls like boys", not because boys exist. Hell, the series had men before that and I never had a problem with that aspect for a good three years of the series.

I've said it plenty of times, I don't much care for stories revolving around men or heterosexual romance stories. It's not hypocritical of me to have a male supporting character regardless if he's cis or straight, which in this case, Emil isn't.

So no, to close this out. I don't believe you can't have men in a Girls Love story. I'm just not interested in anything focusing on them. If I couldn't like GL with boys in it I would never be able to like Their Story or After Hours, for example. Both of which I love.

I've not even been able to pick an engine or tool to work with I'm afraid. Bad timing and planning screwed it all up.

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*looks at time*

Well this ended up a disaster.

I wish I had been able to start planning earlier, or that the Jam had been during a less stressful week for me. Because I've barely gotten anything done at all. There won't be anything going up. I might put Canvas on the backburner for a later project, but I don't know for sure. Kind of sad about it because MYST being such an important part of my childhood and adult life as a game developer this felt like the Jam to get something done.

Oh well, at least other people managed to get some cool looking stuff out!

Those graphics are soooo pretty. :O

Looking forward to seeing mroe of this.

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Well, this sure hasn't gone great.

The Good News:
I have been able to come up with what I want in the demo, so it's now just a manner of making it in time. I've figured out the presentation and first work you'll step into so to say.

The Bad News.
I have no clue how to actually get it done. My main experties lies with engines that don't really function that well for what I wish to do, which is a more standard MYST clone with pointing, clicking and the wonders of FMV.

Anyhow, should I find as I'm working tonight that there's no use trying to make this a playable demo before the Jam ends, I will likely just make a little video demonstration as a pitch of the general concept instead, as I have that down. Concept art and such should start to drop in here as I get down to producing stuff later tonight either way. I think people will like the intro idea at least.

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No idea, I'm still stuck in "not sure where to start" mode. I've cobbled together demos in shorter time in the past though, so hopefully!

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(Working Title)

I don't have a name for this project yet, hell, I barely have an idea for it yet. I just got back from a nap and started brainstorming a little for what I wanted to do. One of the reasons I love MYST is because of how it uses enviromental storytelling within unique and different worlds that don't need "logical" connections. So I want to build on that.

An idea right now is considering the player entering the paintings of an unknown artist. I'm not sure exactly how I want to do it yet or what engine or tool I could use. I still want to keep the first person perspective with the non-specified player, since I find that important to the experience.

Anyway, I guess I've officially started this little project that I barely know what it is. If anybody have suggestions for engines/tools, let me know! I'm gonna go play around a bit with this.

Edit: Shortly after posting this I decided I wnated to call it "CANVAS".

Thank you! Sayaka Tsuyuri is underweight (like myself) so that's why she's very light, we'll get more into that in later chapters. ^_^