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[DevLog] - Introspection

A topic by FullCap created Jan 06, 2016 Views: 145 Replies: 3
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Starting my first devlog for Introspection (possible working title). A game about how dreams are affected by your actions while you're awake.

The premise for this game came while I was doing an exercise from the book Game Design Workshop. The premise of this game is that the actions you take while you're awake will affect your experience in your dreams. I'm approaching this project using some of the techniques I'm currently learning in the book. For instance, I'm basing my game around the player experience. You can see a couple ideas for the player experience that I might want. This will help put emphasis on making the game enjoyable to play.

Player Experience Goals & Game Concepts

Possible Assets

Game Design Possibilities for Dream

I'm still having troubles sorting out a definitive design concept so this is just a work in progress. I hope by posting devlogs that I'll hold myself accountable and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I welcome any feedback, advice, or critques.

!!! this is a beautiful concept. I'd be really interested to see how the real world + dream worlds would correlate visually. Would there be an element of surreality or an identical reflection? How do the monsters correspond with the player and what goal do they impede? Are they reflections of people you meet when awake? (haha sorry or all the world-building questions, art student perspective) Regardless, really excited to see where you take it!


oooh my gosh i love everything to do with stories about dreaming! i'm excited to see where this is taken


oh man all dreaming themes are my shit! these are some cool gameplay ideas you've got down. i love seeing game designed on graph paper, it's so satisfying to work on :9 can't wait to see more!