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Tundra Runner

A topic by Godzilla Blitz created Jan 25, 2020 Views: 132 Replies: 15
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In! Super excited about this. I've been a away from game dev for a while, still mostly a beginner. I'm going to try to dig back into Unity and build a cold-themed platformer.

I built *most* of a heat-themed platformer for a My First Game Jam about a year and a half ago, so building this will be a good way for me to remember what I used to know, and get back into building stuff with Unity.

I've got a Kanban set up with tasks if anyone is interested in following along.

I'll try to keep this updated with daily progress. I look forward to checking out everyone's projects, too! 

Let's do this!


Wow you have the entire project planned out start to finish! I barely managed to plan my first two days haha. I will have to learn to plan ahead better. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Thanks! Not quite the whole project maybe but a chunk of it anyway—as far ahead as I could think. :)

If I don't do something like that I get totally off the rails. :)


oh this board looks very organized! best of luck with the jam!


Thanks, J! Got three cards done today. First steps! Player prototype can stand on an ice block in a scene. Woot!

Tomorrow: Building out the first scene ice landscape. Creating rounded ice blocks. Adding player movement. Adding player jumping.

So much to do, good times!

Day 3

I got basic player movement in place today: jumping, running, not jumping while in the air. I wish I had more time, but the daily progress feels good.

Now it's time to work on the player art and animation. Stick man must go. :)


Day 4

Fun times with Aseprite! Idle player animation = done. Little guy is hyperventilating a bit, but I'll slow that down in the game. I got the running animation started, but will need to finish that tomorrow.

I'm going to need a huge weekend to get this done in time. An hour or two a day in the evenings won't cut it.



I know how you feel with putting your hopes on the weekend. Thankfully, a couple of hours in the evenings does add up to quite a lot of time over two weeks.

Looks like things are coming together nicely for you so far. :-)


Thanks Sonderful!

Yeah, even though it's slow, the daily progress does start to add up over a few days. I still need a good weekend to really ramp this up, though. :)

Host (1 edit) (+1)

ohh i love this animation so much! the complementary colors really make the sprite pop. also, i think you're making great progress! i know it can feel really slow only having an hour or two a day but if you ever make games beyond the jam finding a good balance between work and hobbies so you don't get burnt out is really the most sustainable way to finish games. good luck!


Thanks J! Thanks for the color feedback, too. I originally started with yellow, but switched to orange and liked it better for the same reasons you mention.

I've actually got a year plan in place for getting better at gamedev, and am making a weekly video journal about the process. I'll post the next episode in here. The basic idea is exactly what you mention: do something that you can keep up over the long haul. I've been working on this in bursts for a couple of years now, but really want to change up to making steady progress instead.


ohhh that's awesome! i'm wishing you the best of luck with that!

Day 5

Player running animation = done! Now back to Unity and onward!


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Day 6 

Player animation is now working in Unity. I want to add some frames to fix the breath condensation on jumping, but that should be quick and easy.

Next up, camera tracking and probably adding a background to the game.

Anyone looking forward to the weekend to spend more time on their game? I really need a big mojo weekend. So much to do. :)


The animation looks very nice.