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No More Lonely Stars Devlog

A topic by Nick Milkpunches created Jul 07, 2019 Views: 79 Replies: 5
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First time actually logging my gamedev progress outside of incoherent 2am tweets so let’s hope I do it right (if there is a “right” way to do it).

I’m workin on a game called “No More Lonely Stars” which is about a god that wakes up one day and discovers that he has the ability to feel emotions, and decides that he wants the other gods to feel like he does. I guess it’s sort of a dating sim but instead of dating you’re introducing the concept of love to immortal celestial beings. It’s basically a game for people that watched Evangelion and kinda wanted to kiss the Eva units.

Usually the characters are the appeal of these things and we got six of em.

From left to right is Umbriel, Halimede, Phobos, Charon, Hyperion, and Ganymede, all named after moons in our solar system. 

The player takes the point of view of Charon, with pretty standard visual novel gameplay involving making choices to determine where the story goes. By gameplay standards there’s nothing super unique but hopefully the story will make it stand out.

For Day 1, I finished most of the art and did the intro section and started working on Ganymede’s route. 

OOO This looks great !! Good luck !!


"It’s basically a game for people that watched Evangelion and kinda wanted to kiss the Eva units." THIS IS GREAT!! AWESOME WORK!! also these visuals + the dialogue are such a great combo..... personally i'm extremely in love with this.

Woooo finally finished one of the routes. Four to go... Tbh they don’t take super long to do cuz it’s a pretty short game HOWEVER I’ve been very lazy for the past two days so progress has been a bit slow. Hopefully the next four won’t take nearly as long.


This looks interesting! These immortal celestial beings are pretty. I wonder what emotions they will discover.
What engine are you using to make this?

Thank ya! It’s not a super well known one but I’m usin the OHRRPGCE engine. It’s really simple and kinda rpg maker adjacent, but with some dumbed down features. It has quite a few limitations, but I’ve been usin it for a year so I’ve gotten used to workin around em.