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Space Escape

A topic by Sam23 created 42 days ago Views: 108 Replies: 5
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Hi everyone! This is my first Game Jam, I am hoping to finish my game within the next 2 weeks.

The concept for this game is going to be a 2D platform game and it will have a more pixel art style which will be seen in the various characters. 


You  play as a princess who has been taken from her kingdom and sent across the galaxy by a group of aliens.  Who want to  study and experiment on humans. You will have to make your way across the environemnt to be able to escape from the planet. Using the controls you wil have to deafet all the aliens on the planet in order to be able to return back home.


Defeat all of them on the planet? As in, genocide? That's a lot of aliens!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more from this idea, it sounds like a blast. :)

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Day 1

Finally started on the art for the game and  designed the main player character and the aliens. I decided to go for more bright colours so that characters will stand out against the  space background. I used piskel to create characters and colours that would  fit well with the game concept. Also decided to go for different animations on the aliens . 

The  main character that the player would control in the game.


Next steps

  • Use unity to create the game environment
  • Add movement to player by programming the script
  • Implement enemies into the scene 

bright colors against a darker background is a great way to make your maps easy to read. i love your little aliens so far!! i can't wait to see these in the game.

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Due to working the past week I was finally able to make progress on my game. In the last few days I was able to design the environment so that it looked like it is set within space.  Also I created the script that would be used to control the main player character. This took a lot of time to create as there was lots of  erros that kept occuring. Some of the probelms that I experienced  was that the character would recongise when input had been pressed or turn around to match the way that the player is moving. All problems have been solved due to finding a really good player script now character can move across enviornment, jump, use attack and will cycle through idle and move animation whenever controls are pressed.

Next steps

  • Add enemy spanwer
  • Health bar and player death 
  • Main menu 
  • Win and lose screen 
  • Switching between weapons


Finally finished my game and I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out. The concept and design is how I wanted the final result to look like. I want to thank everyone who has given me advice throughout the project it has been a fun and enjoyable experience to complete my first game jam. 

Below is the link to the game to try it out and any feedback is welcomed