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[Devlog] Sp00ky Clinic Walking Sim (TBN)

A topic by Serendipital created 50 days ago Views: 84 Replies: 6
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Who am I?

Seren, 20, she/her. I'm a CS major but I want to try to make something tangible, so here I am!

What is it?

You walk around a clinic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

This is largely an excuse to learn 3-D modeling and the basics of an interactable environment. There's also gonna be some cool sound design hopefully, to help with the atmosphere. There's gonna be some mild horror vibes. Maybe I'll work in "pride" somehow, who knows.

Inspired by me waiting in the doctor's office alone during a nasty storm and wondering if all of the staff would suddenly just...not be there anymore if I opened the door.


  1. Clinic room fully modeled
  2. Player character implemented -- can walk and look around room (1st person)
  3. Hallway fully modeled
  4. Lobby fully modeled
  5. Animated objects -- weight scale, blood pressure cough, finger pulse recorder
  6. Cutscene created -- name called, follow nurse down hall, weighed, enter room, blood pressure + pulse, told to wait for doctor
  7. Interactable objects -- ???
  8. ????
  9. Make game easily run on various computers, release

I literally don't have a clue how to do any of these things. Wish me luck!


Best of luck (as requested)!

I normally avoid sp00ky horror like the plague, but you know what, I'll make an exception just for you and follow along. The idea already sounds pretty enticing. Looking forward to more updates. :)

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Haha, thank you! I guarantee it won't be very spooky--I'm a bit of a wimp, even though I really like horror. Today's my binge tutorials day, so hopefully I can have something of note by tonight!


ohhh wow that pitch line/inspiration itself is already pretty lowkey creepy. this is quite a list--3D can def be tricky but is doable in a jam frame. not sure what your previous experience is but if anything id say its probably ok to just graybox everything first and go back to really dig into the art. im wishing u the best of luck!


thank you! I’ve done a biiit of 3-D modeling, but current plan is to make everything very simple and plain until I’ve got uh, a game going haha. 

I ended up getting really sick the other day, which is just the way haha. Feeling better though so hopefully I can make up for lost time.


oh nice! yeah that sounds like a good plan. i'm glad to hear you're feeling better though--good luck with the rest of the jam!

Update #1

So. I didn't necessarily bite off more than I could chew (I still think this is definitely doable within two weeks), but the game jam did come at a reaally bad time. I didn't expect my summer classes to be as time-consuming as they are, so I've come up with a new plan that unfortunately falls outside of the scope of this jam. Basically, I'm going to have this game jam...but alone and also next week.

I think these threads are locked down once the jam's over? If not, I may still update here. I'm really disappointed, but unfortunately I gotta tend to my grades first. 

Thank you to those who commented--I did end up at least starting the preliminary research for the game, and you guys really made me want to push through! Hopefully you can follow along with me after this jam is over. 

Best of luck to everyone!