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Sewer Love

A topic by cetaceas created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 124 Replies: 3
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florsh: What are some game mechanics you like? I like fishing minigames...
cetaceas: I like romance....
florsh: We both like monster girls.........

And thus, Sewer Love  was born -- several days before the theme announcement! My good friend florsh (Suzanne) and me (Diana) have wanted to make a game together for ages and MFGJ is the perfect opportunity for us. We're drawing inspiration from things like Stardew Valley, Persona, and Futurama to create a game where you live in the sewers and attempt to woo a monster girlfriend by fishing up gifts. 

Suzanne is a talented illustrator and game artist, and she's already hard at work on sprites for our game. Here's our protagonist, a dad-core fishing enthusiast of indeterminate gender.

My background is in software engineering, and I'm having tons of fun (and some frustration) learning how to use Unity! So far things are going... okay...

Stay tuned for more!

xoxo, florsh and cetaceas

7/17 Update

Florsh here, toiling away at the art assets! This jam is an exciting undertaking for me--though I have experience both making pixel art pieces for fun and building and implementing higher res assets for mobile games, I've never synthesized those disparate skills into making pixel sprites for a working game. So far I'm encountering a lot of firsts--for example, making my first tileset! Here are some foreground tiles of our sewer environment (enlarged for your viewing pleasure) and my example noodling of how we can iterate them together into making some lively and varied visuals.

Here's a first pass at our MC's walk cycle animation. Cetaceas has already been hard at work successfully getting them to actually move around in our game (by far the most exciting step (((no pun intended))))

And that's all for today. Stay tuned for the rest of the cast! I've been having a little *too* much fun with their designs...

Nice job getting the panning working on day one, what does the hexagon on the Gyazo GIF stand in for? (Is Gyazo still free? I thought it went paid a while back)

Compliments on the lively hat bounce, and that lovely shade of pink on the sewer set. Where is the romance going to factor in, are you going to give fish themselves as gifts?


oh my god im dying your chatlog snippet is literally my friendgroup.......... hahah what the heck im so excited for this!!! the art looks incredible so far i can't wait to see the game in-engine!!