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[DevLog] An unnamed RPG game

A topic by LeiaOrpheus created Jul 15, 2018 Views: 223 Replies: 10
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Hello there! 😊  

Our game is a top-down old-school RPG game.  The basic synopsis of the story is that you are a traveller in a dessert and needs to bring back fresh water for a village in need. The water source is controlled by a group of evil individuals and you need to battle your way out.

Our team is quite new to both Unity and game development, therefore we want to use this jam to practice our skills. We aim to make a basic level out of this jam. 

Day 1 Goals Achieved:

  1.  Basic movement for player (walk and talk to)
  2. Basic movement for NPG (walking around)
  3. Basic UI for dialogue system

Day 2:

We haven't finished the dialogue system on Day 1, so we get it done today. The current progress is like below:

Day1 Progression

We will now move on to make basic object interaction and inventory system.  While at the same time, trying to name our game! :D


Nice progress, love the player movement! Great work with getting the dialog in place too.


Thanks! :D


wow great job for implementing both player and npc movement AND a dialogue system. i'm not sure if you've looked into plugins or but have you heard of fungus? i've seen it around and heard it's pretty useful for dialogue systems. also, i find this premise even without named characters already pretty compelling. i'm excited to see more of this!


Thanks for the encouragement! :D  I just looked into fungus, wow, it is an amazing tool, I will definitely use it in future development! Thanks for the recommendation! :D


Day 3:


1. adding animation to dialogue system

2. Basic interaction (part 1) -> user can pick up items, but items won’t disappear

3. Basic inventory widget ->  user interface,  add item, highlight and display item


1. Fully functional inventory -> need to add stacking similar items, drop items

2. Player stats, and how they will be influenced by pick ups (e.g. pick up health add to player health)

I think these will be today's goals! :D

Our current progress looks like this:

Generally, yesterday was a busy day. Both of us have other works to do from Mon to Fri, so I am afraid our development might slow down ☹…but we will try our best! :D Our team have set up a Trello board to track our progress and priorities (



 Leia and Joe :D


Day 4, 5 and 6

On Day4 the inventory is partially functional, so I was thinking posting on day 5. On day 5, something disastrous happened. I use git to locally manage my files, as I staged the files, I suddenly remembered I should put it on a feature branch instead of master. So…not realising the consequence…I used “git reset –hard” 😭 … as I haven’t committed the changes nor backup the files somewhere else, the whole file reverted back to the last commit… finally, I managed to use "git fsck" to find all the lost files ( if you want the file names to be better looking or have a direct solution to similar issues, you can clone this repo), I manually recovered some scripts and prefabs and restart from where I last left…

I managed to get the progress back and finished the inventory, so now the player can stack and drop items and can consume items to recover health.  Although some basic materials are lost during the restart... I also fixed the movement bugs when clicking on widgets. Haha tough days…I should always backup my work, vision control can be quite dangerous for someone like me 😂 Think this is a very good lesson for me!

I will finish the rest of the UI today, adding enemies and hopefully do some rigging. This is  our project  so far:


 Leia and Joe :D


ohhh no ): !! im glad you were able to retrieve some of your work at least! we've been meaning to put together some version control resources bc it's definitely a little tricky to pick up!


Haha! Exactly!  I think this incident taught me to understand git a bit better :D


Current Update

The past few days were quite busy. I need to balance my other work with the jam ☹ I had absolutely no clue with unity’s animation system, the result was somewhat acceptable…consider this was my first try 😂. I spent a long time meddle with animation system, trying to figure out what’s going on. The animation is sometimes buggy, but able to get the basics done…The player and enemy models now can walk around, take damage, attack and die.

(Enemy death)

(Player death)

I will fix the camera and npc animation tomorrow and will use the rest of the time laying some more assets in the level with Joe. Look like our game might not be done on time :(, but we had a lot of fun learning unity and seeing everyone’s work :D I think next time we should adjust our workflow, so things can be done in a more organized way.

So what we still left are:

  1. Camera
  2. Water, radiation’s relation to player health i.e. if water/radiation reaches 0, health will decrease
  3. Populate the level
  4. NPC animation
  5. More inventory items
  6. A start menu
  7. Restart game after death
  8. If we have time, we could do some more for npc behaviour i.e. when being attacked by player or enemy
  9. a day and night circle (that would be nice to have)

Best Leia and Joe :D


Finally! The game is done. You can play it at:

Thanks for those pointing about the issue of movement! Yeah, that's definitely something we should improve upon! :D

I didn't have much time in the past days to finish the game properly because some work related to my real life and felt particularly down on Friday due to something  demotivating happened in my real-life's work :( But after seeing all these wonderful submissions, I decided to finish my game as quick as possible, (though this meanings leaving a few bugs and unimplemented features :p).

Joe has designed the map and narrative (whilst motivating me to keep going :D)! We finished laying out the map together yesterday. At the mean time, I fixed the bug when having multiple enemies, it turns out I was using GameObject.Find for the waypoints, thus causing them to share same way points! I also fixed the bug when you talking to npc you can still shoot.  Then Joe did an amazing QA job finding some horrendous bugs (i.e. I accidentally deleted player's hit box, causing errors when enemies fired) and did intensive research before naming this game "water conflict".

Our final version can be see from here:  

The jam helped us learn a lot about unity as well as learning from other fellow jammers! We had a wonderful time participating the jam! :D

Please let us know if you have any suggestions/improvements to our game! :D

Best wishes,

Leia and Joseph