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DEVLOG: Summer 2018 Game Dev Log - Water Rampage(Working Title)

A topic by TheOriginal_frostbyt created Jul 14, 2018 Views: 221 Replies: 11
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Just wanted to get this in so you can see the team of two are working on the project.  Good luck to everyone. 

Some sprites for chatacers



Looking good! Those sprites are awesome.

thank you


I was thinking about a sports game too before my current idea. I still want to do a swimming game one day.

Nice sprites. Looking forward to see them in action!

thanks alot...our project probably isnt super original but still a challenge in itself  :)

I should mention we are making this in Construct 2.  Already ran into a snag with the scrolling "land" portions being too big....everything else seems to be going well so far.



May I suggest one thing?

Everything but your sprites are flat. Make your sprites flat too. I mean, there's too much gradient, you could use solid colors in your players to keep the aesthetic consistent. I see the grass contours have some gradient too. These don't bother my eyes, but it would be nice to make it in there too.

I enjoyed the scene. Very colorful. Inspires fun. Good luck!

I am workings to make more of it not so flat and get to the level of the player sprites.  If I cannot manage that I will drop the player sprites down


nice progress so far! do you have any gifs or recordings of the game being played?

no...we hit a road block and did not get much done last week.  Scrolling issue sorted out and progressing more today