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Web Browser Game | Unity or GameMaker?

A topic by PapaZev created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 209 Replies: 5
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I know a bit of both engines but I'm wandering which of the two is the better? I want my game to be easily accessible with no need to download a .exe file. It's a small 2D shooter game with only one map so it should fit in really well as a browser game. 

1. Which one is the easiest to implement into a browser?

2. Which one is the better for browsers?

Thanks a bunch

While I can't confirm which is easier, I can say that GameMaker requires a 150$ paid license for web support. However, Unity games in-browser tend to be harder on the player; anyone playing the game needs to install Unity web player, while GameMaker uses HTML5, which most browsers support natively.


Fuuuck $150 for the HTML5 export? I have GameMaker 1.4 Pro but only for Windows and Tizen (For some reason...) export. I originally got it when the base engine was free and pro was half off but now it looks like I made a bad investment.

Well it looks like Unity is my best choice here. Unity web player seems like something most people would download at some point in time. I know I've already got it. Plus it's free to use. Anyway, thanks for the reply!


Unity is using WebGL instead of web player since version 5.3, or earlier.  You can play it in most browsers without any plugins.


i apologize this doesn't quite answer your question but i would personally use construct 2 or 3. there are a few limitations but i'd say it's an easier engine to pick up even with no experience and it exports mainly to html5.

I don't have any GameMaker experience, but I have made a few small web browser games in Unity. Once your game is finished, adapting it into a web browser game is pretty much as simple as selecting WebGL as build platform, zipping up the resulting folder, and uploading it here on itch.io. To my understanding it uses Mozilla's technology to build for WebGL, so it works perfectly in Firefox. It can be kinda buggy in Chrome, and doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer. I'm not sure if GameMaker works well in those browsers or not.

I hope this helped some. Good luck in your game jam!