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Scavenge & DrillView game page

Scavenge the depths of the ocean for treasures
Submitted by Fruity Fusion, OrangeJam, nilolo (@nilolo_) — 36 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Enjoyment / Gameplay#14.0004.000
Creativity / Concept#14.5564.556
Presentation (Audio & Visuals)#24.4444.444

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Multiplayer Type


Input Type

Mouse & Keyboard

Number of players supported

2 players only

Type of multiplayer game

Message from the creator(s):
Play as a robot duo looking for treasures in the depths of the ocean. Use your treasure to upgrade your equipment.
This is our first online multiplayer game. We hope you have fun playing!

How does your game fit the theme?
Due to a cable connecting the players, the players need to trust each other while traversing the level.
Also the players depend on each other for defense/resources.

Original Art


Created the vast majority of the art during the jam.

Original Audio

Yes (Music & SFX)

Created the vast majority of the music and sfx during the jam.

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Here's a link of my friend and I playing your game. 


So cool to see! Thanks for sharing!


Gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by the neat 3D models and 2-player design. Dialogue was pretty amusing too. Definitely blew my expectations for this jam!


Pretty neat! Was not expecting that much content!


Wow! Impressive work here. The dialogue between the two bots helps explain the mechanics well and is p. funny. Sound design fits well as much of the music feels underwatery haha. Very cool to see multiplayer working in WebGL and appreciate the github project being shared. Most impressive game of the jam so far ;)


This was amazing! controlling tank and drill was perfect. Network stuff all worked flawlessly. Humor was spot on. 

A recommendation would be allowing camera to turn to see eels coming at you, but it was fine without this. 

The private lobby also didn't work for us, but the public lobby and all the interactions me and my friend had worked very well.

Great job!


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the game and humor.

The camera part is a good point. Originally we intended to design the levels so that you always progress "upwards" to see the eels coming. We didn't quite follow that rule though..

Thanks for playing :)


Had a lot of fun playing. One thing I didn't like was camera controls did not let me rotate the camera. Also there seems to be disbalance regarding resources available and amount you can spend in the shop. When we reached 2 level we had way too much of scrap and gold. Maybe more upgrades? Also we noticed that if you pick upgrades incorrectly you can lock yourself in, since resources are limited and without teleport ability you can't get more.


Thank you for playing! It's a good point with the resource imbalance, maybe we could've added an expensive late-game upgrade. But the time constraints hit :P

Glad you had fun with the game :)


Very creative!  Controlling the duo without communicating with the other player was suprisingly fluid.  I had the drill and could hint at a direction just by moving.

The eels are maybe a tad overpowered, since respawning and drilling the same crystals can feel a bit punitive/repetitive.

I really liked the way you used in-game dialogues for introducing game mechanisms.


Woow, we didn't anticipate people playing without communication, glad that it worked well!

In hindsight I have to agree with you point on the crystals/eels, maybe an upgrade that starts you with 5 crystals after respawning would've helped with that.

Thanks for playing :)


Awesome game!

It's really fun, and once you understand the controls, it's super cool, with the teleportation that allows you to reach the separate islands!
I really enjoyed it.
And all made in 3D, awesome work!


Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game :)


Amazing! Teleport worked fine, matchmaking was great. Really fun, the banter is also awesome. So much work done for a jam! I'm stunned.

I used godot but haven't tried making an HTML5 multiplayer game yet so I'll need to watch those tutorials you referred to!


Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the banter, we put a lot of effort into the dialog :p

I can only recommend the guides! We used a plugin by him called godot-nakama-webrtc. It's amazing to me that it's possible to do P2P over HTML5.


I didn't know it was possible (didn't do the research but thought it wasn't) and our game could really have used that (rn you have to portforward and download it on windows :( )


I see, yeah that port forwarding step is not needed for our WebRTC connection. With the trade-off being that we needed to set up a server that helps to establish the connection.


A really pretty game, I liked the dialogues between the 2 robots, to present the evolutive gameplay, and the chill atmosphere. The matchmaking is super useful ! Unfortunately, we couldn't use the teleporter.


Glad you enjoyed the dialogue and atmosphere!

That's unfortunate with the teleport, did you press it at the same time? The reason might also be if you're using a non-english keyboard, the key to teleport would change to what key is where the english T would be. I think I'll update the itch page with a note on this.

But in any case thanks :)