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Tower Tech. Incident no 33View game page

Mini Jam 81
Submitted by ilPrinni (@IliasLPrin) — 4 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#332.5022.889

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
1, Ilias L a.k.a ilPrinny

Software used
Unity, Krita, Audacity

Use of the limitation
When you fall / die you respawn as a soldier with a different class with different stats. You cant game over unless you run out of time.

Cookies eaten
2 and have pizzas

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Well done! Nice graphic and use of limitation. 


Fire game! I enjoy the "Time Attack" nature of the game immensely! The concept for the game being basically one long big boss fight was very nice and the game kept up the pace well!

The sniper might be little too overpowered though.


Okay I loved that one, insane job. I have to say though that the sniper might me a bit too powerful, I was able to get a 3:04 thanks to it (suicide twice to get the sniper and camp the top platform with it).

My only minor complaint would be that WASD are the only controls available and I don't have a qwerty keyboard, so maybe allowing the player to remap the controls or something like that would be a good idea, nice!


Great work, really fun and great concept, would love to see this expanded with big Kaiju monsters with weak spots. My only minor gripe is I seemed to only ever get respawned at The Rookie after the 2nd death, but could have just been super bad RNG on my part.


Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I didnt explain this well, or at all but I wanted to make this game speed run friendly so after dying there is no RNG, its a set order every time. To discourage dying to much, after you die 3 times your stuck with the worst class to finish the job with. I have realized that, that was poorly explained. Thanks again for the feedback


Closest I've ever gotten to shooting a geometrical angel like in EVA.
5/5 would snipe again.


Thanks for playing! And I am not going to lie, Ramiel from Evengelion  was in the back of my mind while I made this.


Honestly super fun! really interesting concept and aesthetically really cool. Beat with 2:19 but will likely try again another time.  the sights are slightly too large and it can be hard to use the sniper at long range as the target is hidden behind the dot.  All together though a really fun experience, would love to see you add more to it !


Thanks for playing! And yeeea that cross hair was an issue. The shader I was using made it have to be big, when I really should have replaced it with a single dot. Thanks for the feedback!