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Audio Designer seeking team

A topic by merlinmonad created Feb 03, 2021 Views: 141 Replies: 4
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HI peeps,

My name's Merlin and I'm a sound-designer/music producer looking for a team to join.

You can check some of my sound design work here:

You can also hear my music here:

Currently studying a degree in interactive audio so know my way around Unity/Unreal/FMOD/Wwise.


Hi, I DO need a music producer, So why don't you join my team?

Hey, sure thing! My Discord handle is Merlin#1207 get in touch and we can discuss the project! :)

Hey, working on a game and need a composer. Music is hard haha


Hello, i could use help with some sound effects if you don't mind, add my discord, i can give credit aswell,  Callumsb7#8204