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Project: Deferred Rendering Pipeline With Simple Shadows (+ as many lights as you can handle!)

A topic by stett created Jun 10, 2017 Views: 96 Replies: 2
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Sounds ambitious, but it's something I've already been working on. Here's the demo scene I'm rendering now:

Everything looks a bit blown out because there are 23 light sources randomly scattered around the motorcycle (represented by tiny white dots). As of right now, there are some annoying video memory bugs when freeing large-ish meshes, shadows don't work, and several rendering optimizations which need to be made to increase the number of possible lights. At the moment, it runs at about 400 fps on my gtx1060, but I'm hoping to speed it up a bit.

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Spent most of today trying to solve a memory corruption problem which occurred when loading large models... Temporary solution working now.

Also spent a bit of time setting up better light attenuation and some debug drawing modes so I can see all the data being fed into the final lighting pass of the algorithm. Here are some screens of the various FBOs.

Overall I'm still a bit behind where I'd like to be, but making progress.

Position, diffuse, and specular, and normal maps.

Combined in the lighting phase via BRDF:

Oh goodness, it looks like I thought submission was at 12 and missed it. Anyhow, here's the sort of thing I ended up with: