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Welcome to “Look What I Made Weekend” – where creative and motivated people make something and share the results with each other.

What can you make? Pretty much whatever you want – a video game, web site, painting, short film, short screenplay, drawing, sculpture, poem. You can start a new project or continue an existing one as long as you finish some version of it (it won’t be perfect – that’s not the point) by the end of the weekend.

Then on the Community tab above, you can post (or share a link or a photo) of what you made, and we all get to enjoy the awesomeness of your creative output!


You can either start a new project or continue an already started one. The idea is to choose a project scope that is finishable in some capacity the weekend. Of course, what “finished” means is up to you.  This could include working on a small part of a larger project, as long as you have something you can show off at the end.

Any form of creative expression is allowed. LWIMW was inspired by the Ludum Dare video game making contest, but you can also draw a painting, write a screenplay or short story, bake cookies, compose a song, knit a scarf, fold some origami, make a Flash cartoon, or anything else you can think of!

You are encouraged to write posts throughout the weekend to share your work with the rest of us. Write a post right when you start, explaining what you hope to accomplish and the tools you are going to use. The more you show the more encouragement you can get from the rest of us

Most importantly, HAVE FUN. Making things is awesome, and you are awesome for participating!

The Theme

As is customary in game jams, before the start of the contest we will all vote on a highly optional theme to inspire your creation. The theme is not required to be used, but could give inspiration if you don't have any ideas. Constraints help creativity!

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over 30 icons designed for User Interfaces, completely free to use
A brief puzzler with horror elements about a clone in a sinister research facility.
Just a small low poly world/game i made.
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